Saturday, March 28, 2009

I look forward to this every year!!!!

Our annual luncheon for the Discount Tire Managers wives. Trish Rogers, our Ariz. Vice President's wife always hosts this get together at their beautiful home on the side of McDowell Mountain in Scottsdale.I would say today was one of the cooler days we've had for our luncheon in a long time.
I always love this event. Some one always has a charity for us to get involved with. Last year, I did it and we bought items for the bathrooms for the 2 homes DTC built for Habitat for Humanity.This year Stephanie Hernandez organized a philanthropy project. We put together baskets for families displaced by fire. We filled baskets with items that families would need while staying somewhere and they would not have to worry about running out to get. Also at our luncheon, the wives get to vote on the destination for our week-end get-a-way that we take every summer, Sedona won again!!!!!
Here are a few of the baskets!!!!
My dear friend Sue and I enjoying a beautiful day looking out at the desert scenery!!!!
My friends: Susye(she is in red, she does my hair) Lydia(black top with scarf) she is now a new neighbor they live just around the corner, and a real inspiration to me, she started college a few years ago and she will graduate soon and become an R.N.!!!!!I keep saying"I want to go to college" and my kids laugh and say"YOUR MOM GOES TO COLLEGE"!!!! And the other lady in the photo, I just met today her name is Ari, she lives in Tucson and her husband just got promoted to Manager this past year.
Trish's beautiful back yard!!!


CorieConnelly said...

LOVE that you guys do such awesome philanthropy activities! I really should start doing some. Back in my Delta Delta Delta years we did so much with St Jude's. Everyone should do a little bit! Glad you had fun! Trish's house is amazing! Do they still have that HUGE tv in the family room??!:)Also did you see in snakes??

Mimi said...

Yes, their t.v. is huge!!!!
And no snakes!!!!
Every year, Trish and Mark have done something new to the place. They are such good budgeters, they do just one or two projects or purchases!!!
Stephanie will be getting married in 3 weeks, so I'M sure wedding took top spot this year!!!!

Stacie Gibbs said...

HAHAHA your mom goes to college!!! I think it would be nice if you went back to school, learning is always good, regardless of your age! I would back you 110% except if it interfered in you being able to visit me ;)

Mimi said...

I wouldn't let anything interfere with visiting you!!!!
I will always work something out with babysitting Miss C so I can visit!!!
I will be there in April....