Friday, March 13, 2009

I Never imagined I'd have that much fun!!!

Today Camdyn and I had to go downtown to be with Mommy(she had a Dental Convention and baby has to eat!!!) So after lunch, Mommy had to go to class, so Camdyn and I decided to be downtown Phoenix tourists!!!!It was so fun walking the streets of our local town. Whenever I visit a different city, I say to get the real feel of it, you have to walk the local streets. There you can really tell what that city is all about. So I felt right at home here. Our first stop was Historic Heritage Square. It is here where you will find the Rosson House, a charming Victorian home. It was built in 1895, for just over $7,000.00. The owners were Dr. and Mrs. Roland Lee Rosson. It is a charming home, and what fascinated me the most, was the GIB doors. They are doors that open vertically and when not in use are windows. After the 30 minute tour was over, my arm was numb from carrying Camdyn, no strollers allowed!!! So those 18 pounds felt like 100 at that point!!!!
After our tour, we headed over to the Teeter house. It was built in 1899, and in 1911 the home was bought by Eliza Teeter. She used it as a rental property(a boarding house) until 1919. She then moved into it and stayed until she died in the back bedroom(now the garden room) when she was 96. It is now listed as a haunted tea and bistro!!!After looking around the place and buying a few souvenirs we went out to the front porch and sat down for a glass of iced tea.I didn't see any ghosts, but it is rumored to be sprinkled with spirits of past tenants and of Eliza herself!!!

Out on the front porch, we met Roma, she was there celebrating her 3rd birthday, with a tea party!!! Also her cousins Lily and Eliza!!! What a coincidence!!! So I had to ask, any relation???They laughed and said purely coincidence. Camdyn being the fun and friendly little girl she is, became fast friends with these cuties!!!!The girls were twirling and singing away!!! Eliza age 2 1/2 sang to us word for word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and A Spoonful of Sugar makes the Medicine go down, and I was quite impressed!!! She has already seen the Broadway play of her favorite movie!!!So I had to tell her, I have met Mary Poppins at Disneyworld!!!She was quite impressed!!!We sat and talked for an hour or more, it was just so much fun watching these little girls have fun!!!
From there we walked over to St. Mary's Basilica.It was the first Catholic Church in the city of Phoenix, building began on it in 1881. It is home to Arizona's largest stained glass window collection.It is also the only Basilica in the state. Pope John Paul the second visited here in 1987.

Camdyn and I went inside, I decided to Bless her and I with some of the Holy water. It's allowed, even if you are not Catholic. But Camdyn's Daddy was raised Catholic. I have no problem introducing her to the Catholic Religion, ultimately it is her decision. I will though let her know about my personal relationship with Jesus and him being my Savior. I know that God is with her and will always provide Angels to look after her. We sat in the Basilica for a few minutes just enjoying the peace and serenity this place offers from the busy bustling streets below.

We asked a kind man to take our photo in front of the statue of Pope John Paul the second.
I will end this blog by saying, it was just one of the most fun days I could ever imagine having with a 9 month old baby!!!Many more fun days ahead!!!


CorieConnelly said...

LOVE that you 2 girls had so much fun today! The teeter house is awesome and I CAN NOT wait to have a tea party with Camdyn in the NEAR future...who cares if she can't drink tea yet! We will pretend!:) Also like that you took her to the church, eventhough daddy isn't a practicing Catholic...she should still visit it every now and then.

Jason and Lisa said...

WOW! Looks like you girls did alot and had tons of fun! Camdyn is looking so cute with her little necklace.