Monday, May 25, 2009

Camdyn's Special Day!!!!

Grand-dudie and Mimi got her a Castle swing and slide!!!!So fitting for our little Princess!!!!
She loved her Princess Balloons more!!!!!
She looks so cute in her new Lady Bug bathing suit and flip flops!!!!
Peek-A-Boo!!!!!Her new friend at the kiddie pool let Camdyn play with her Ariel floatie!!!
Having a fun relaxing ride floating down the lazy river!!!!!
Grand-dudie and his special little girl!!!!!
3 MEN and A BABY!!!!!
C.J. and Jesse, 2 little love birds kissing in the pool!!!!K-I-S-S-I-N-G...... first came love........
Waiting for our table at Aunt Chilada's!!!!
They gave her not 1 but 2 balloons!!!!!
The family (We miss you Auntie Stacie) celebrating the big day!!!!!
Camdyn blow out your candle!!!!! We have been practicing blowing out the lights for about a week!!! She can do it too!!!!!(Mimi pull up your top!!)
Going in for a big bite!!!!!
"What a fun day Grand-dudie"!!!!!!!
Opening up a present from Mimi and Grand-dudie
A Disney Princess Nightgown!!!! I love it!!!!!!


Stacie Gibbs said...

What a lucky little girl she is too spend it with such lovely people!! :) I'm gonna spoil her with hugs and kisses when I get home!!

Jule's Spot said...

Yes Mimi...pull your top up! haha Glad she had a special day! I want to be there!!!! Last day of school today...Yah!!!
Love ya

Gigi (aka) Chris said...

what a fun day for everyone.... Happy Birthday Camdyn!!!! see you Saturday...

Corie said...

This was an awesome birthday tradition that we have started! She is one lucky gal and my little princess for sure!:)

Krystal said...

What a specail day! It looks like you all had a good time. I think it is so sweet that the whole family joined in on the fun. She is truly loved. I can't wait to see all the fun she'll have this weekend! It looks like she loved the slide. Such a cute gift. Happy Birthday little one!