Friday, May 1, 2009

My favorite things about Disney hollywood Studios!!

Watching Camdyn get so excited over all the Balloons, at this moment the high School Musical Parade was going by, so she was interested in that!!!
Learning how they made all those wonderful Disney Classics!!!
The flower displays!!!
That signature hat, where all the Magic happens!!!
Riding the Toy story Midway Mania Ride!!!

Learning how to draw like a computer graphic engineer!!!!They teach you step by step, and people like me who can't even draw stick people, can now draw Disney characters!!!
Aero Smith's Rockin Rollercoater!!!It is so AWESOME!!!
The Hollywood Tower of Terror!!! It is quite scary and drops you about 5 times!!!
Here we are at the Entrance to Magic Kingdom Park, we went over to this park to have Dinner!!! Stacie arranged for us to have dinner here....
At Tony's Restaurant!!! It is the Italian place where Tramp took Lady!!!!!
We are all so hungry!!! A fun day at Disney studios and now a nice "Romantic Dinner"!!!!!
Our server Jose(Jay for short, he is a good friend of Stacie's) serving up all that wonderful food!!!
The signature fountain with the famous duo!!!


Gigi (aka) Chris said...

looks like lots of fun.... you look so happy at the table with your three kids and lil' Camdyn... life is good!!!!

Mimi said...

Oh is sweet!!!!
having fun!!!!
quite warm and humid... Florida for sure!!