Sunday, August 2, 2009

Love my Babies, Bracelets, Bear and Bubble Baths!!!

Camdyn loves all her dolls now, at home she has a favorite but at Mimi's she loves all her Disney Babies the same!!!!
She always has at least one in her arms, this day she had two!!!!
She also loves-LOVES these bracelets as we call them!!!!Some times she has all of them on her arms!!!She's Praying here"Dear Lord Bless my Mimi for letting me play with my bracelets today!!!"
Balancing them and then she'll raise up her arms so they go back up!!!
"Mimi, see my new sandals"???? Oh so pretty!!!!
Now she also loves her Bear!!! We call her Pinkie the bear!!!!
Her pacifier collection at Mimi's house!!! She knows where I keep them and she will point at the cabinet if she wants one, normally it's just for nap time and bed time, however she has been getting more molars and just needs some extra comfort from them, so I say who cares!!! And I decided to let her choose or play with them all!!!!
She absolutely LOVES this Cookie Monster counter, gets it out every single time!!! She'll bring it to one of us to turn on and gets so excited when Cookie is counting while eating the cookies!!!!
We babysat her the other night so Mommy and Daddy could go to Mommy's Sorority Reunion, so a bubble bath was what she got and she loved it!!!!!
After her bath, we combed her hair and put her pretty princess night gown on and then she decided the rubber duckie needed her or his hair combed also!!!!These times will be etched in my memory forever!!! She has put her hand print on our Hearts!!!!!


Stacie Gibbs said...

I love all these pictures! She is becoming such a big girl now, I can't wait to see her and everyone else in September!!!

The Shero's said...

Oh my....I have to tell you that my sister and I used to have that SAME Cookie Monster Counter. I was laughing when I saw that in the picture. Morgan has a couple of toys that used to be mine. How fun!

Corie said...

Glad you all had fun!!! That cookie counter was a fave of mine always!!! I love her shoes and wish (like everyone who comments) that they made them in my size!!!

Tammy said...

She is a doll baby herself!!♥♥♥

hpabate said...

Oh how sweet, those sandles can't be bigger than my hand :0)

I think Camdyn brushing her duckies hair is sweet.

Have yourself a wonderful Monday.
And thank you for your thoughful words on Amy.


Deanna said...

Mimi, she's adorable!
What fun she has with you. Such a sweetie.

We had to have a going away party for my lil granddaughter's binkys. She cried because she loves them so. My daughter took pictures of her the last day with binky...almost worked. Doing better now.

My friend, Blessings to you,

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Mimi~ Your granddaughter is gorgeous. Oh, and how lucky you are to be close and get to babysit! I'm looking forward to that, someday...