Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Family Dinner---Mr. Potato Head!!!!

We BBQ steak, had fresh bread from Bashas, salad, apple pie and BIG BAKED POTATO'S!!!!!
See my little decorations from my Happy Meal collections!!! A little steak man, a bread guy, an apple lady and a milk boy along with my BIG Mrs. Potato Head!!!!!
I got this wonderful dinner idea from a good friend of mine from high school her name is Jennifer!!!Thanks Jennifer it was a huge hit!!! C.J. got home first and said "What's for dinner"??I said go look at the table and try and guess, he said Potato's??? I said YEP!!!!! Corie loved the idea!!! It was so fun, I went and got brown scrapbook paper for the place mats!!!Here is a picture of our potato toppings, that was everyone's favorite!!!!I had everything but black olives on mine!!!

Camdyn was feeding her black olives to bread guy!!!!

Then she wanted to kiss Mrs. Potato Head!!!

Then we got silly with all her cute little parts!!!Cute smile Miss C!!!!!

Oh glasses, you look so smart!!!!

Silly Mommy got to wear the earrings and all!!!!

Mimi got her hat, glasses and her tongue sticking out!!!!
Such a fun family night again!!!!!


hpabate said...

Oh the Mr. Potatoe head dinner is so darling. How cute you all put on faces that is so funny. The steak sounds great, pie sounds good to, however I have been on a diet for 7 months now, and that is not included in my meat only sadly. Hope you ate some for me

Your place settings looked darling also.
Thanks for stopping by, I thought it was funny to come across this site and really create some funny things. Thank you again, have a wonderful evening and day tomorrow.


Debra said...

Looks you all had a great time. Oh if I could just cook...sigh.

AnjuGandhi said...

U are soooooooooo creative. I look forward to your posts for such innovative ideas. keep them flowing

Anonymous said...

The pics with you and Corie wearing the Mr. Potatoe Head parts are hilarious! Fun idea!!!!

p.s. See you in less than 3 weeks!!!!

Deanna said...

How CUTE! You all look so darling with Mr. Potatoe's facial designs.
Those glasses are darlink***
(Your hair looks really cute, by the way.)

Your table setting sure sets a mood. How fun you have made this.

Just gave me a great idea when Family comes in!!! Thx Jamie, I need help with coming up with new ideas for family time. Everyone can fix the potatoes to their liking.

We have what we call taco potatoes ever so often and like them. Ground turkey is flavored with taco seasoning. We top the baked potatoes with this browned meat, salsa, shredded lettuce and grated cheese. Low fat and nutritious. This is an old weight watchers meal from years ago that I still enjoy.

Your little one's headbands are always so precious. May I ask where they come from?

Have a sweet day.
Talk to you soon,

Tammy said...

Ya'll are too funny! What a fun dinner idea!!☺

Krystal said...

You are the best Mimi/Mom! How fun is that? Really that is such a cute idea I don't know where you come up with these things. I love it. Looks like everyone else did too!

nancygrayce said...

O.K. you may be the greatest Mimi of all time! I know your granddaughter loved, loved, loved that! Precious idea! Mine are so lucky to get a plate and a fork! :) Well, maybe I'm not that bad!

I didn't hear about that boy who died on PCB. How terrible! It always reminds me, we are not promised another minute of life! I hope to get my pictures up today!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Hahaha! That's so funny, I was just looking through my pictures and I had found one of my nephew that I took last week with him being a Mr. Potato Head. Kids love those glasses, and by your post I think the adults do to!