Saturday, August 29, 2009

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park--Swimming with the sharks!!

Arriving at typhoon Lagoon--my first time here!!!
Off to the Shark reef tank!!!
I'm scared to death to swim in a nice warm(pools in Az are warm) shallow pool, so when I found out this tank was over 10 feet deep and COLD, I was beginning to think "what the heck am I'm doing"???The water was around 65 degrees!!! Freezing in my book!!!
Here I am thinking " you want me to put my face in this ice water", no that's ok!!!!
I made the girls promise to not leave me behind!!! Remember there are Sharks in this tank!!!
Yeah, I made it to the island for a quick sigh of relief!! I heard Stacie's friend scream out "Did you see that 6 foot shark"??? I said NO WAY!!!!
I only snorkeled twice, meaning looking down under the water, the rest of the time I was looking straight ahead pretending I was NOT in a Tank of sharks and sting rays!!!Then I heard the life guard up on deck yell out " Lady with the head above the water who's not swimming, you have to swim across the tank", I was so embarrased!!!!I heard a family in line telling a story how earlier in the day a little girl was kicking her feet(you are not allowed to kick) and a shark bit her in the foot, she had swim shoes on luckily but the life guard whacked the shark with his floatie!!! So I was taking no chances on kicking!!!I just hung on to Stacie's feet!!
A view of us under the water, taken by Stacie's friend Melvin who had a sick stomach and skipped this adventure!!!
At least the girls stayed very close to me!!!
A sting Ray!!!
lots of sting rays!!!
We are done!!! Can you believe I did this twice, I thought maybe I would like it more the second time, NOPE, I did not!!!!
Back in the warm wave pool!!!!!
Typhoon Lagoon is so fun, so many great water slides, one is done family style and one is like a water roller coaster!!!!The lazy river is almost 1 mile!!!!
The Board Room is a neat place to get food and drinks!!!!!A very fun day!!!!


Tammy said...

Girlllll....I would have "faked" a sick stomach to stay out of that...LOL!
I've always wanted to visit a wave pool though!

Anonymous said...

Now that is truly up my alley. I have a post coming of swimming with the dolphins and I got a kiss too.

~Kristen~ said...

I worked for the Mouse for 6 months on an internship and never got the chance to do the shark swim but always wanted to. But I'm a big wuss at heart so I probably would have done the same thing as you. You're next adventure should be to go out to the West Coast of Florida where they have a dolphin bay and you can swim with them. It was the coolest thing ... and the water is warmer than 65 degrees, lol.

Corie said...

SO fun, a little scarier than our "swim with the dolphins" adventure, huh?:) How cool though! Maybe we will go to a disney waterpark in a few weeks when we are there..sounds fun!! Where are the Chicago pics?

Deanna said...

Did I say OMG???
You are VERY BRAVE. Very, very very brave.

The warm wave pool is more my speed! I could stay there all day, but not with the sharks.

I couldn't swim amongst the sharks. No way no how.

Let me catch me breath,

Jule's Spot said...

Swimming with the sharks is on my bucket are doing it again with me!!!!!

Colleen said...

That sounds too scary for me!! Love the post!

Anonymous said...

Swimming with sharks?!! Totally nuts, but so cool too :)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

You are a brave woman! When we went to Typhoon Lagoon my hubs and I talked about doing that. But that's all we did, just talked about it!!!