Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Come on CHICAGO, make some Illi-NOISE!!!!!!

Catching the train to go into the City!!!
Me with my cousins Julie and Darcie!!!!They are sisters and they drove in from Indiana to come for the visit as well.
The nice train conductor who stamps your ticket.I wanted Believe punched on mine!!!
On our bus ride over to Shedd's Aquarium, we passed by the Sear's Tower only it is now named Willis Tower!!!To the local's it will always be the Sears Tower!!!
The John Hancock building
The Water tower, it still is used as a pumping station to keep the city from flooding!!!
Buckingham Fountain, a city landmark!!!
City skyline with the Sear's tower!!!
Great Lake Michigan!!!!
Going to see Field Museum
Tyrannosaurus Sue is the most preserved Rex ever found.
Outside Shedd's Aquarium
Beluga Whales!!!!
Camdyn loved all of them!!!!
A penguin statue!!!
Here we are about to enter the most wonderful DOLL store ever!!! 3 floors of dolls!!!!!
Camdyn loved all of them!!!!!
I want her!!!
I want her real bad!!!!!
Her new baby Wendy!!! Named after the windy city!!!! just beautiful this day!!!!
Lunch at the American girl Cafe!!!!
When I walked in I almost cried, it is so beautiful and PINK!!!!!
Our desserts!!!!! Mud pudding and pink delights!!!
We met everyone at Millennium park, in celebration of Bethanie's(my niece) birthday we all wore pink!!!! My niece Tisha on the left side had a pink tank top under her yellow top!!!A Man walked up and took our picture to post on his blog!!!! Then several tourists took our picture!!! I started yelling out, any one in Pink can join our family!!!!!Left to Right is:my niece Tisha, my sister Reda( Mom to Tisha and Beth ) Beth holding Olivia, Corie holding Camdyn, Madalyn(Beth's oldest daughter) my cousin Julie, ME, my cousin Darcie(she is Julie's little sister) and standing my Mom!!!! Beth's Mother-in-law took the pic for us!!!

The Crown Fountain at the park is a huge hit with locals and tourists!!!!
Here is Bethanie and her daughter Madalyn, thinking those guys getting soaked are crazy!!!

Here is the BEAN at the Park!!!!It is called the Cloud Gate, as the sculptor wanted visitors to see themselves with the skyline all in one view!!!It is shaped like a cloud and the gate is a 12 foot opening you can walk under, but most people refer to it as the Bean!!!!I think I spot all of us except Beth and Olivia!!!!

Here we all are!!!!!All 12 of us!!!!!
Being silly!!!!!Look at Miss C on the right side!!!!
I took a picture of me taking a picture!!!
The skyline in the background!!
Off to Navy pier!!!
Riding the giant Ferris wheel, what a view today!!!!
Darcie came along with a little persuasion!!!!
Julie stayed behind!!!!And she wants to swim with the sharks!!!!!
Off to Ed Debevic's for Bethanie's birthday!!!!
Everyone gets a hat!!!!!
A cab ride back to the train station!!!!
Well after a plane ride to get to Chicago, 2 train rides to get to the city and back, a bus ride and 5 cab rides and we saw the city in 1 day....whew!!!!!!

Our last day together so lunch and shopping is always a fun way to end a fun trip!!!!Beth and her 4 kiddos!!! Madalyn, Trevor and the twins Jackson and Olivia!!!
Here is the rest of us!!!We tried to all dress in black, but some did not have black to wear!!!

FLYING OUT, I'm on my way to ORLANDO!!!!!!!


Deanna said...

Dearest Mimi,
This was a blast to look at your adventure through pictures.
You must of had a fantastic time.
I hope to someday visit the American Doll Store. This was such fun to see.
I've only been inside the Chicago Train Station and that was years ago. There was a lay over and I was afraid to leave the station just in case I got lost. I only stuck my head out the door in the windy city.
Blessings to you,

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Oh I so want to go to the American Girl store! I love their dolls. All of you girls must have made quite the impression wherever you went. Pretty in pink...