Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Home of L. Frank Baum on Coronado Island!!!

This is the house that L.Frank Baum lived in while on Coronado Island.The current owners found out about 15 years ago the amazing history of their house!!! They had no idea when they purchased it who the original owner was!!! Now they are used to people stopping and taking a picture!!!
Notice the witch on the wall and the sign Wizard of Oz Avenue!!!
And of course a scarecrow in the yard!!!!
I'm a huge fan of the Movie, so when I heard he lived on the island, I had to find this house!!!!


Debra said...

Mimi, I enjoyed looking at all you pictures. I love these old historic resorts and I was not familiar with this one. What a beautiful interesting building. I truly enjoyed visiting it through your blog and even looked it up on the internet!

My daughter also just had a birthday on Sept.14th. She turned 37! Makes me feel a little old! LOL! I told her she was going to have to quit having so many birthdays! LOL!

Enjoyed these post very much,

Blessings friend and have a great day

Deanna said...

We're off to see the Wizard the wonderful Wizard of Oz...
The most watched movie that I have watched is this one.
Thank you for showing Frank's house.
Hope you are feeling so much better.
Being a woman has it's challenges that's for sure.

Will Thank God when I am menopausal and have no more visits from momma nature.

Jamie, if you want to chat plez email. I'm here.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Jamie,
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful home with me. I really feel like I have been to see the Wizard. How wonderful and I so love the witch on the house, the sign and the scarecrow. They need a tinman and a lion on the porch guarding everything. How cute would that be?

I so think of you daily. I will be leaving to go home Sept. 30th and be gone through October 18th. I leave on October 19th for work travel and will be gone through the 23rd. I am thinking maybe we can get together in November and December and do some shopping. Have Marty meet with us too, and make it a girls day. Would so love it. Keep me posted. I love you sweetie, Sherry

nancygrayce said...

We walked all through and I missed that! Next time.....

The Martin Family said...

Great picture's! Enjoyed all the info also..

hpabate said...

Hey Jamie, thanks for stopping by earlier.

Wow what a gorgeous home, you see so many wonderful things on your journeys.

Have a blessed day,

Corie said...

Ok, this was so cool finding this house since we LOVE Wizard of Oz stuff!! I also have decided to add Coronado to my fave vacation list, I LOVE IT THERE!!! I would LOVE to move there.......ah, a girl can dream right??!:)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Very cool. Seems odd that the current owners had no idea that they were purchasing a house that Baum owned when they bought the house. Seems like something a Realtor would have wanted to advertise!