Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Olivia and Jackson are O-FISH-ally ONE!!!!!

Fast asleep!!!
We were at the party decoration store and right next door was an OLD NAVY store, so we couldn't resist!!!!! The Mannequin gang!!!!
My Mom and her new car, she got rear ended about a month ago and her car was totaled, she is glad to get a new car that has front wheel drive to make snow driving a little easier.
Corie and her cousin A.J.!!!
Auntie Tisha and Olivia
Corie and Camdyn
Birthday boy and girl--Jackson and Olivia
Great Grams and little Camdyn
We made Oyster cookies!!!!
Beta fish centerpieces!!!I wanted to bring one home in a little bag hanging from my neck--ala What about Bob!!!!!
3 cousins hanging at the little kids table!!!! Camdyn loved this table!!!!
Some of the girls!!!
Blow out the candles!!!!
With 2 it takes two!!!!
Grandma Reda feeding Olivia some cake!!!!


Duchess of Tea said...

Hello darling, as you know I am back and will soon be blogging again. I just wanted to stop by personally to thank you for the sweet birthday wish you left Cristina and to let you know that your kindness meant the world to us both. Please believe me when I say that I missed you terribly, it’s funny this blogging thing, I never thought I would make so many friends and that I will honestly miss them while away. I am glad you and I are blog friends and I do enjoy our conversations and blog visits. And I should mention that I missed Princess Camdyn an awful lot. Cristina will be going to USC in Southern California, how nice that we both will have attorney children. You must be very proud of your son. Darling, I am glad you had a good time on your travel as well. I am sorry that you brought a bug home, hope you are feeling better now.
I am now off to read the posts that I have missed and to look around your gorgeous blog and admire Camdyn. .
Love & Hugs
Duchess ♥♥♥

Deanna said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing where you've been.
Looks like you had a great time!
The little cousins are toooooo cute!
Aren't they sweet.
Hope you get all rested up.
I enjoy your adventures.
Take care.
Talk to you soon,

AnjuGandhi said...

he cookies look so yummy
i want some

Tammy said...

Lots going on in this post and it all looks like great fun!

Have a happy day!☼

Debra said...

Good morning Jamie hope all is well your way this day. What really beautiful children in the pictures you posted! Also enjoyed seeing the pic on the Home Alone movie. That was one of our favorite movies!

Blessings, have a great day!

Stay@homemommy said...

Oh how I have loved looking at all the pictures, it surely looks like everyone had a great time. Many great memories I am sure. Thanks for sharing.

Grams said...

You are so lucky to still have your mom and that she's able to drive and spend time with you and Miss C! These are the times that can not be traded for anything. Kathy

Stella said...

What a beautiful family and wonderful memories. Mom looks like she is really happy with that new car. Thanks for sharing.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Jamie,
Oh my goodness...what a treat was waiting over here at your place. So many exciting things to catch up on. I'm so happy you had such a wonderful time visiting with your family. I loved all the pics from both FL and Chicago. I can't believe all that you fit in!!! But my favorite pics were the two of Camden pointing to and reaching for her little Wendy. Priceless!!! : )

blushing rose said...

Awwww! Happy birthday to the wee ones. Love the party decor, accesories & pics of everyone.

TY for popping over for a visit. IF you are ever back near Harpers Ferry, my DHs favorite spot (Civil War stuff), we are just a spot away, LMK.

Have a safe & beautiful holiday weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

The Shero's said...

I cannot wait to see pics of your German dinner theme! You have defineely inspired me to make my dinner meals more creative! So thank you for sharing all your fun ideas! I think things like this are an important part of being a close family!
Thank you!

Deanna said...

Hey Jamie!
Over on my blog you asked about a dark blouse with white trim. That pretty lady is my sister. Wish I could say that was my top, but it's hers.
Not sure where she got it.
Bet this top looks cute on you! You have great taste!
May you have a wonderful week-end,

Deanna said...

Hey Jamie!
Over on my blog you asked about a dark blouse with white trim. That pretty lady is my sister. Wish I could say that was my top, but it's hers.
Not sure where she got it.
Bet this top looks cute on you! You have great taste!
May you have a wonderful week-end,

nancygrayce said...

Those oyster cookies are precious! What a great idea! Thanks for your words of warning! I'm rescanning the pictures without the last names! It makes me so mad that some people try to live off of the rest of us! If they have enough skills to steal identities, there's no telling what kind of real job they could have!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful party. Beautiful people and beautiful photos can't beat that.

hpabate said...

hi Jamie, sorry I haven't been able to stop by, school does have me busy, I have been able to post and sadly not much responding which is what blogging is all about. Fishing was definately fun with my pop and dad. Thank you for stopping by, and wow does that party look like fun. Camdyn looks so adorable on the airplane ride. Well take care sweety.


P.S. Have a wonderful weekend.

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling have yourself a fabulous weekend!!

Love & Hugs
Duchess ♥♥♥

Charlotte said...

What great photos. A lot of good memories are being made and how nice it is to capture them in pictures. Enjoyed your previous post also. What fun.

hpabate said...

Hello Jamie, thank you so much for stopping by today. I loved seeing my Granny and Pop it was an incredible journey for me, a learning experience, and a bonding time for me over there. I had a lot of good memories that I brought back of my grandparents. I just looked down and saw the sixteen candles house, wow that is so incredible that was my favorite movie and to have a picture in front of that house must be something you should always treasure, it looked like fun, and a soothing relaxing neighborhood to live in. Well have a wonderful weekend.


Barbara said...

Jamie, What a beautiful family, the babies are darling, I know you are proud of them. Glad you are home and had a great time.

Happy Labor Day.