Saturday, October 31, 2009

Arizona Ladies Blogger Luncheon and Train Park!!!

Here is 16 or 17 I lost count of the most wonderful ladies one could meet!!!! This lovely luncheon was organized by Marty over at A Stroll through Life, we met at Gooseberries Tea Room, such a perfect place to hold our little luncheon!!!!After all the introductions were met we all got busy chatting away getting to know each other better and I must say I left there with a new group of friends!!!!I always considered them friends but I did not know alot of them, but I do now!!!
Here is Karen and Cyndi, Karen is from Calif and Cyndi is from Wisconsin, they have been blogging buddies for several years and Cyndi was coming to AZ to visit her son who lives here so Marty I think let Karen know about her coming and she drove over from Calif to be a part of our day!!! Marty kept this a big surprise!!!!! It was so fun to see the response!!!!
Here is (from say 12 o'clock) Majia, Marty, Oliva, Char (in red) and Liz
Here is Char, Liz and Myself, Char and I live just a few miles apart so we drove over together and really got to know each other on the drive over!!!! Char has some great stories as her husband is a retired Officer in the Air Force, so she has lived all over the world!!!!
My dear sweet friend Sherry!!!!I just love hearing her voice and her sweet giggle!!!
Here is Majia, Marty and Laura Ingalls Gunn!!!!So right about now you might be thinking, Laura Ingalls of Little House on the Prairie fame????? YEP!!!!! SHE is related to the writer!!!!!
Laura got the handmade gift I brought!!!! She loved them and said her kids would love them as well!!!!!
Marty got so many nice Hostess gifts!!! I think she was so excited about all of it!!!!
Everyone showing each other some of the gifts they got!!!!!From our little luncheon, Corie my daughter had a work meeting at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall, so Char was nice enough to drop me off there so I could watch Miss C, after shopping and Corie's meeting 2 hours later, we promised Miss C, I know she is only 17 months old but hey a promise is a promise, that we were going to the "HOO-HOO" Park!!!!! As always she doesn't walk to the rides, she runs!!!!

Look at how much taller she is now then 3 months ago when we were here!!! She had to tippy-toe (of course that darling picture may have won her that shoe modeling ad she just did) to see over that railing last time!!!!Now she can clearly see those horsies!!!!
Then it was off to the Hoo-Hoo!!!!
So Cute!!!!!
Here she is doing her little Hoo-hoo sign and noise!!!!
Scared in the dark tunnel!!!
She knew when we pulled up at the station it was time to get off and this is what happened!!!!!
Nothing cures tears like a cupcake from Sprinkles!!!! Caramel Apple to be exact!!!!! So Yummy!!!!!
What a VERY FUN DAY!!!!!!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh you have some of the greatest pictures. I loved them all. What great fun. I will email you. We really need to do this again. It was so wonderful to meet you in person. You are such a beauty inside and out. Hugs, Marty

Corie said...
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Corie said...

I am SO GLAD that you were able to get to meet some of the ladies you blog with. Truly friends are a blessing and it is sure nice to get together with them. Really too bad that some people think that blogging is a waste of time and that the friends you meet through blogging are not your "true friends". I know that you feel the same way I do about this.:) I LOVE blogging and reading about other peoples lives through there blogs. But, again like I said before....I do not and will not EVER care what those negative people have to say. Hopefully your luncheon will only be the beginning of many more fun days for all the wonderful ladies! As for the train park with Miss C....always an AMAZING time! SO glad that we do all kinds of fun things for her! Thanks for always being part of it!

ps. Had to delete by above comment due to a typo. :)

Deanna said...

Jamie, Looks like you all had a great time!
Great fun.
So glad you have shared.
What a wonderful event,

The Shero's said...

What a fun time you had with the ladies! I just took my sister to Sprinkles for the first time a few weeks ago...she did not even know they were there, boy has she been missing out!! We don't make it to that side of town very often, but that is one of our favorite stops too! Glad to see you enjoyed your Halloween with your family!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Jamie,
I am so happy to have met you and now find your lovely blog!! Great pics of the luncheon and what a darling grand-daughter and daughter you have!! What a memorable day!! Hugs, Cindy

Karen said...

Jamie I was so happy to meet you. Wasn't that a fun day? OK Girl, next time Palm Springs (but I'll drive to AZ again. The drive wasn't bad at all) or at the very least MORE TIME! I need more time to really meet everyone! I could've at there for hours.
What darling grandchildren you have! And your Halloween night post was just too funny!
Thanks again for making the day so much fun!
Karen - Some Days Are Diamonds

someplace in thyme said...

You got some great pictures, mine didn't turn out so well and I couldn't remember everyones names!! Shame on me.
Now that my sweet, is the face of an angel, I love the little ones. Char

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

How fun to be able to get together and meet some of your blogging friends in person! What a lovely idea!

Charlotte said...

What great pictures of the luncheon. Makes me realize again what I missed by not being there. Hopefully next time. I will admit I would rather have been in New England where I was than at the luncheon though. LOL