Monday, October 5, 2009

Brush with Fame game--Monday--Bruce Davison, Leslie Ann Warren, Allison Mack and Missy Crider

The summer of 1993, we were extras in a made for TV movie called "A Mother's Revenge", it starred Leslie Ann Warren as the Mom and Bruce Davison as the Dad. Bruce was around the set alot, he even ate in the same room as all the extras. Leslie Ann Warren on the other hand was only seen on set when needed to film a scene. She was not overly friendly or conversational. Bruce was funny and talkative. I did not ask him for a photograph as you never know if you will be fired for such a thing!!!! We worked 2 days on this project at Camelback High School. The 2 daughters in the movie were MissyCrider as the older sister and the main character was played by Allison Mack, at the time I think these 2 young girls were relatively New to acting, but since this we do know that Allison has gone on to do lots of things including roles in 7th Heaven and Smallville!!!!Our good friend's daughter was cast as the body double for Allison, so if you ever see the movie and you see Allison in the hospital all bandaged up, that is really Michelle!!!! I was an extra as well as the girls, the girls were students at the school and I was a teacher. In the photo above the girl in the middle in the blue dress that is Allison Mack!!!!
Stacie on day 2 getting a drink of water!!! We had to bring a different outfit for day 2!!!!


Deanna said...

Hi Jamie,
Missed you while you were gone! Hope all went well with your visit.
These brushes with Fame Game are fun to read about.

Our temps are getting chilly and I'm having a brush with a sore throat/cold!!! Thought I could outrun it.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

You have had some great experiences. I love ready about them.