Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 2 Epcot!!!!

So we are dry and at Epcot now!!!!(oops see how are day started on post following this one!!!)
The guys imitating Austin Powers in an English phone booth!!!!Will has it right, Sorry darling it's the baby finger!!!!
Going through the English garden maze!!!
Mommy and Camdyn in our favorite land France!!!!!joie-de-vivre, the joy of living!!!!!
having dessert (creme Brulee) at our favorite la patisserie, this after Will and Stacie tried escargot!!!! It is Food and Wine festival time at Epcot!!! So we all tried a little bit of everything!!!! My favorite is the soup in Canada!!!(Tracie I need that recipe!!!)
Camdyn was dancing in the french street!!!!
Mimi had to add to her international Disney collection so this time it is a french Minnie!!!!I have the german mickey, american mickey, irish minnie and now a french minnie!!!
Off to Stacie's work, the Biergarten in the German Pavillion. It's always Oktoberfest here!!!The boys had the buffet, us girls shared a pretzel and a half beer/lemonade!!!!I just wanted to taste it!!!!
Auntie Stacie and Camdyn waiting for the duckie song!!!!!
Mimi dancing to the song edelweiss with Camdyn!!! One of my favorite songs from Sound of music!!!


Grams said...

Jamie, I am so jealous. I'm ready for a family vacation. We haven't had one since Mother's Day. It'll probably have to wait util Christmas now. Being together without outside distractions is the best part about family vacations. Kathy

Krystal said...

All I can say is Wow! What a fun vacation. Everyday just got better and better and better. I mean you guys really did it all. Mickey and the beach...I don't think you can top that. Those are our two favorite things to do. If we could do that everyday we would be in heaven. I just love all the fun pictures you took. I must say the day it rained would of been not so fun to me, but look at you guys just enjoying it! I also really love the family picture on the beach. I mean I can't believe you found the exact yellow to match Miss C dress. You all look so cute! I love the colors. Well it looks like such a good time. I think Miss C really had fun. From the pictures she really seemed to be into it more. This age is the best. Don't you just wish you could stop time and let them be 1 for a few more years?!!!

Corie said...

That was such a FUN vacation!!! :)EPCOT is always a great time and the food and wine festival makes it even better! Glad I tried the beer/lemonade (sprite)! The beer wasn't all that great, but then again I don't like to drink so I cant judge correctly! The boys sure had fun too!

Deanna said...

HEY Jamie!
What a great time you all must of had.
Enjoyed your pics.

God bless,

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I have pictures from years ago when my daughter was probably about 8 dancing with her dad at the Biergarten. Such great memories... Love all of your pics. Looks like you had a great time with family!