Monday, November 9, 2009

Brush with fame game Monday---Derek Jeter-Harvey Keitel and Julia Ruth Stevens!!!!

On Feb 12th and 13th of 2007, I and about 199 other extras filmed the 45 second Gatorade commercial titled THIEF!!!! We arrived at the Calif Angels spring training field at about 8 p.m., and the first night we filmed until about 2 in the Morning!!! Yes, It was Freezing!!!!During the filming of the scenes, we could not have our jackets and coats on, just the designated apparel we were told to wear!!! I was told to wear Red or Calif Angel attire!!! Many TRUE Yankee fans were NOT happy they had to wear that even for a commercial shoot!!!!!Sad part about this shoot time was it was during a very busy Valentine Day Florist season!!!!! I was still delivering flowers on Holidays so I had to get up at 6 a.m. to get to the flower shop in time for all those deliveries!!!! The first day was brutal!!!!! The next night we did not work as late so it was actually alot of fun!!!!Harvey Keitel was a fun actor to be around!!! He would stick around in between shots and talk and hang out with us, Derek Jeter on the other hand would always wave or acknowledge anyone hollering out at him, but he Never walked out to the stands or even as close as the fence!!!!But it was cool to be there for that shoot!!!!
My other Brush with fame, I included this week because of her place in History as the Daughter of the Greatest Baseball Player ever, and that would be THE BABE!!!!!!!She is Julie Ruth Stevens and she lives next door to my in-laws!!! She is almost always at our Holiday Parties and looks forward to it every year!!!! She is so sweet and welcoming!!!!Babe Ruth finished up his career with the New York Yankees!!! Our new World Series Champions!!!!
These pictures I took recently at a Yankee game in Tampa, Florida!!!

Julia and I
Julia with Miss Camdyn!!! And below Julia and my Mom!!!!


Deanna said...

Hi Jamie,
Think your new header is a winner!
Looks so nice.
Right now I'm trying to wake up and drink my morning coffee while my Granddaughter is still sleeping due to a late night traveling home.
Stopping by and catching up on the news.
I'm enjoying your blog.
You have had many brushes with fame, but to me you're the most famous of all!
You take care and have a great week.

Grams said...

Meeting The Babe's daughter, now that's a brush with fame I wouldn't mind having. Have a great week you have many blessings. Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie! Thank you for stopping by my blog and welcoming me's really nice to be back too! I have so much catching up to do that it maybe nearly impossible..LOL!! I hope your doing well, camdyn is adorable!!!

Wow! you know alot of's so neat to see who is going to pop up next....Babe Ruth's daughter!! who would have guessed that? and she lives next door to your in-laws? that must be awesome!

Have a great week! hugs & Love Jennifer

vicki archer said...

What wonderful memories Jamie, xv.

Fairy Footprints said...

Jamie what lovely pictures today. Oh and your brush with fame girl you should just say yup I know the stars, because every week you surprise me with another star ;0)

Have a wonderful day hun thank you so much for stopping over to see Isabel's race, they really do not give the children numbers in the races anymore I guess to teach them it's not about winning, I have never told Isabel it was about winning, it's just about finishing what you start out to do. She such a wonderful gift, just like Lil Miss C they are truly angels from heaven sent down to teach us about life.


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

You kill me!! You are always up to something fun. You go, girl! : )
I can't get over that second photo of Miss Camdyn in Pink. Such happiness!! And so adorable. : )