Thursday, December 3, 2009

Camdyn got her Christmas choo-choo!!!!

Our new Christmas decoration purchase this year, who am I kidding, I got a few more then just the train, I can't control myself when it comes to Christmas decorations!!!!!But since she LOVES trains so much we could not say NO!!!!!! It makes sounds and plays Christmas Music and Miss Camdyn loves it, she even knows how to work the remote control and the sounds!!!! I will be buying alot of C Batteries this year!!!!!!!
Since Daddy was away Elk Hunting, Miss C and Mommy stayed a few nights with us this week!!!!Camdyn wanted to play with the train all the time!!!!
End table #1, Some old family pics with what else??? Snow Men!!!!!!
Coffee table
end table #2
One of my 3 trees in the family room has ornaments from places we have visited, now that I have been to all 5o states, this tree is pretty full!!!!!
I have collected Hallmark Ornaments for over 30 years, each of my kids have a big box of ornaments and this tree holds just a few of our favorites!!!!!And of course each of the kids Babies 1st Christmas ornament!!!!
I love this Patriotic tree!!!!!Probably my favorite!!!!!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Sweetie...
Everything is looking so festive. I absolutely love it. Look at this Sweet Miss C, with her train. She is certainly having a wonderful time. I love the one where she has her arms all thrown out and she is watching her train. Little green jammies, how sweet.

You mentioned they went elk hunting, did they get anything?

I have been thinking of you. I am off next Friday, did you say you can only get together on Saturdays for the rest of this month? We need to be thinking about what we are going to be doing. Would love to go shopping and have lunch. I haven't even started Christmas shopping. (I have 7 grandkids) to shop for, and another one on the way, due in June.

I love you sweetie...Sherry

Anonymous said...

Mimi things are looking good. Little Miss C is precious. It is so much fun with little kids in the family.

Jule's Spot said...

We had a train around our tree when my boys were litte...they loved it...but by the time Chase came along he had it destroyed...he wouldn't leave it on the tracks and he rode it one too many times! haha....I miss those days!
Love ya

Krystal said...

I love all your Christmas decor! All of your tree's look amazing! I mean you have such cute stuff. I love how every part of your home is filled with christmas decor. I want my house to be like that someday. It really looks beautiful and really brings in the christmas feeling! It must be so magical.Camdyn looks like she loves it. That Choo-choo is a dream come true for her. Look at how happy she is. Have you got her the new Mickey Mouse choo-choo DVD? I just got it for KJ yesterday and she loves it. We have already watched it three times now, and I just keep thinking of Miss C and how much she would love it. I mean the girls just loves trains. Well have fun this next month with all your kids in here. Happy Holidays! Also I love the christmas blog background you have. It all looks beautiful!

The Shero's said...

I LOVE looking at all your decorations. I have the same "Snow WOnder We're Friends" book out on my table...and I also noticed the Baby's first Christmas ornament from last year...Miss Morgan has the same one. All you decorations look amazing!

Corie said...

Camdyn just LOVES trains! We have watched Polar Express 3D like 4 times a day since we got it! Good thing I LOVE it too!:) Thanks for buying her a train to look at! She will LOVE it for years to come! Not sure if she will allow you to pack it all up until next year!!:)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Three trees?! Oh my, you have me beat... They are are beautiful!