Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Disneyland at Christmas Time is Magical!!!!

Day 1 at California Adventure!!! One of Stacie's college friends met us there, Justin played College Basketball and while we were in Anaheim, a college basketball tournament was going on at the Convention Center across the street from Disneyland, I cannot tell you how many people came up to him and asked him what team he plays for!!!!! Poor guy, he had to duck under doorways all day!!! he is 7 feet 1 inch!!!!!
tShe smiled all day!!!!!
Getting ready to ride Toy story mania!!! it is 3-D!!!!
And one of Corie's sorority sister's and her daughter also met us at the park!!!It was so fun seeing old friends!!!!
Goofy taking Camdyn and Mckenna for a little walk!!!!Watch that big step!!!!
Goofy and Camdyn having a chat!!!!
Camdyn meeting Ariel!!!
We had dinner at Ariel's Groto!!! here you will dine with all the Princesses!!!!
Justin joined us for dinner!!! And he liked it!!!!
Waiting for more Princesses to come out!!!
Camdyn our little Belle meeting Belle!!!!
Snow White, oh Mimi's favorite!!!!
Cinderella playing with Camdyn!!!
Our dessert!!!! That seashell is white chocolate!!!!
Off to Disneyland!!!!It is raining now!!!!!So no one would stop for a pic, I always love the flowers at the gate!!!!
The BIG TREE!!!!
Meeting Mickey Mouse!!!!
The mouse thought Justin was tall, he kept looking up at him!!!!
Looking down Main street!!!!
Waiting for the spectacular fireworks!!!!!
Camdyn loved them!!!!
She was so serious, Mimi cried, the music that goes with this display just makes it so magical!!!!

What a great ending!!!
We woke up and it was still raining!!!! We stopped at La Brea Bakery just outside the gate of the park for some muffins and hot coffee, there were lots of birds waiting around for food, so I showed Camdyn how to toss them some food, that was a mistake, she was hooked on feeding them more and more and she would just laugh and laugh at the birds flying in for food!!!
Posing for a pic by the castle!!!!We are in for a long wet day!!!!!
We stopped over at Santa's cabin to pay him a visit and get out of the rain for a little while!!!!
Checking out the reindeer!!!!
So cute!!!! There was alot of them in there, I guess maybe they were all there!!!
Riding Casey jr. circus train!!!!

so fun!!!
she loves the carousel!!!
it rained all day, no it POURED and rained all day!!!!
lunch at the Blue Bayou restaurant!!!!
running in the rain!!!!Camdyn thought this was so fun!!!!
We decided to go back for a few hours on our last day since the sun was out!!!!!
Riding the caterpillar choo-choo!!! This choo-choo eats his way around the track, apples, carrots and a watermelon tunnel and of course a big Cupcake!!!!
aunt Stacie and Camdyn on a fun hot air balloon ride!!!
Posing by the giant Christmas ornaments!!!!
Meeting Pluto!!!!
And Mickey Mouse!!!
Giving him a big kiss, it is after all Kissmas!!!!
Shopping is always fun!!!
Oh this candy/bakery was amazing!!!!
Chocolate covered apples!!! You know we bought these!!!! They were only....$8.95 each!!!!Well it helps to have a Disney employee in your family!!!!!They were very good, worth that much?????


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Jamie, what a fun trip and Camden looks like she is just having the best time in the whole world. Disneyland is such a fun place and especially for the little ones her age. I love all of your pictures. So fun to see. Hugs, Marty

Corie said...

Oh, it was so fun! I already cant wait for our Disney world trip in March! I am always sad when a trip is over, but happy to know it wont be long and we will be back again!:) It was another trip to add to a life time of memories! And YES....the apples were totally worth it. I would have paid full price!!!:)

Jule's Spot said...

Looks like you had so much fun! I love your polkadot sweater!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie! I sent you an email! have a super day! Hugs & Love Jennifer

nancygrayce said...

I love to see a happy child in Disney! After all, it's a magical place. We have walked through Disney World with our ponchos on many a rainy day!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...


Stopping in from PJ's. I haven't been to Disneyland in quite a few years, although I worked there as a teen. It sure brought back memories seeing all of the pictures.

It is a very magical place.

The Martin Family said...

looks like you all had a great time, can't wait till our time together in March....

Deanna said...

Dear Jamie,
Such fun by all...you all look great and luv your hat!
Disneyland is such a treat to all. I hope I can go back one day. I still have memories of it when I visited there way back in 1963!!! 1963? Doesn't that sound like ages ago? I'm sure it has really changed since then. LOL
God bless,

Rachelle said...

Would have to agree...Disneyland is magical anytime of year, but it is seems to be extra special at Chritmas:) Thanks again for Telsea's little surprise she just loved it! It made her day:) Looks like you guys a had a lot of FUN with Stacie. Glad she was able to be with you guys for the holidays.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Ohhhh there is always so much joy to be found when coming over here to your Site, Jamie. I LOVE seeing all that your sweet family does together!!! And can I just say "thanks" (one more time) for sharing all the precious pics of Camdyn. It's such magic to see life through the eyes of a child again. She's so adorable. LOVED that pic of her with Ariel!!!
I'm so glad that you had such a great time while Stacie was in town. I got a kick out of her Christmas gift being wrapped in red and white polka-dots. And what a beautiful pink lap top. : )
So glad you're enjoying this wonderful Season.
Mary Lou

debi said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time! What fun!

Krystal said...

NOthing beats Disneyland then at Christmas time! I am so glad you got to go and have a girls amazing trip! Rain and all it looks so fun. Ok the rain would of drove me away, but I love that you guys are always ready to go and smiling while doing it. You guys are real die hards for Disney! It is always so fun to look back on the pictures. I love it... it makes you just smile thinking about how fun it is to go. You are one lucky girl, you get to go all the time. So fun!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

You did all of my favorite stuff that I like to do at Disneyland! I felt like I was there!

Duchess of Tea said...

My darling I wish you and yours all the joy, love, hope, blessings, peace, laughter, miracles, good health and boundless wealth during this holiday season and always.

Love & Hugs