Sunday, January 17, 2010

SNOW Happy to be here!!!!

Camdyn's first time to see and PLAY in the Snow and She LOVED it!!!!!!
My cousin Julie sent her these cute PINK (must be fashionable even in the snow) snowbibs from Indiana, and Corie's friend Krystal loaned her the snow boots, since she is from Utah and just spent 3 weeks there at Christmas, we would have had a hard time finding these in warm AZ!!!Thanks girls, it sure kept her toasty warm!!!!!
Sledding with Mommy!!!
Oh.........she didn't care!!!
Let's do it again!!!!!
All by her self!!!!
I have to make a snow angel!!!!
Isn't she cute!!!
This snow was deep, maybe 1-2 feet???? Flagstaff could get up to 6 feet of new Snow this week, sadly we missed the new falling snow, but there is still alot left around!!!! Rain and Snow everyday this week for AZ!!!!!! Flagstaff was in Panic Mode all over town, Target was Packed!!!!!
Walking in all that snow is quite a work out!!!!!
Grand-dude sank too!!!!
Snow CUTE!!!!!

Back to the Hotel to get warm!!!!!
This place is so cute and charming, all of the rooms are decorated in a Victorian fashion.

Since Camdyn LOVES trains, she was in for a BIG treat!!!! Trains come through Flagstaff every 30 minutes or so, even ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!!
The famous Monte Vista haunted Hotel, our 2 daughters went to school up here in Flagstaff, both are graduates of Northern Arizona University!!!Stacie and I took a haunted walking tour of downtown Flagstaff, and this hotel is haunted!!!!!Corie's brother in law says Little America is haunted, it is not that old!!!!! But then something doesn't have to be old to be haunted right???? Of course I do not believe in ghosts at all, I have GOD on my side!!!! I just think it's funny how the hype of haunted sells things!!!!!
Shopping at a few of our favorite places!!!!
Camdyn loved the 3 mirrors!!!!
Going to dinner at the restaurant at Little America, the Lobby had this huge fireplace and the restaurant had one too, it was so warm and cozy!!!!
Getting a ride on Daddy's shoulder's always the best!!!!
Will's brother and his girlfriend came along too!!!!That's her in the background!!!!
The beautiful lit tree in the bar area, the leaves were made from glass--aka Bellagio Lobby type of glass!!!!
Will's parents also came!!! Here is Grammy with her precious little granddaughter!!!!
Grand-dude and I--this is at breakfast time!!!!
I love the Aspen trees up here!!!They are bare right now!!!!
We drove up to Snow bowl, to watch Daddy and Grampie snowboard and ski!!!!

More playing in the snow!!!

I want to go to Kids Klub!!!!

Why can't I go snowboarding?????It looks like so much fun!!!!
But I WANT TOO!!!!!!!Crying and so dramatic!!!!!

Will and his Dad!!!


~Kristen~ said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful time with the snow. Camdyn must be loving all this white stuff that's cold.

Oliva said...

Snow much fun! Camdyn is so lucky to have a big loving family!!!

Corie said...

It was SNOW much fun!! Thanks for playing in the snow with all of us! It was a blast...we will have to do this again next year!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh how cute Jamie! My brother lives in Flagstaff and he called yesterday and said they were expecting 2 more ft. of snow. Yikes! We have been there several times and even thought of living there once. Your grandbaby looks adorable as usual, I want a grandbaby to blog about! hehe. Hugs to you, Cindy

Audra said...

What lovely photographs of your outing. Wonderful memories to last a lifetime. My daughter was out on Saturday getting things together for the week. They figure they will close campus this week due to the massive amount of snow fall!

Thank goodness I sent her up with loads of movies when she went back. She will have something to keep her occupied while the blizzard blows!

The Martin Family said...

Looks like you had Snow Much fun! Loks like it wasn't all that cold either in some of your picture's. It sure is beautiful there. Camdyn looked so cute.

Debra said...

Oh my Jamie that looks like so much fun! What a beautiful family you have to be able to share such wonderful times together!

Chrissy said...

The picture of Camdyn crying on the snowboard is so cute...Morgan is very dramatic as well. It is hard not to giggle when they act like that! Glad you had fun! Family trips are the best!

Krystal said...

Miss C looks like the big girls with her jeans, hat, and snow boots! She is just too cute!!! It looks like you guys had a really good time. I hate the cold, but am all for the adorable snow pictures you can get. You really got some cute ones! I love the one of her crying/trying to get her way when she wanted to go snowboarding. Too funny!She's a smart girl.

Rettabug said...

Jamie, it looks like you had a GREAT time in the snow!! I was doing exactly the same thing with my little Caroline....only it was in my own yard!!! We rode the sled downhill together, same as you & Camdyn. LOL Getting back up is fun, huh?

My sis just got back to AZ after skiing Telluride & now she's going up to Sunrise this weekend. everyone is happy with the snow. My DH has always said to survive winter, you have to learn to play in it. Enjoy!

ceekay said...

Every year I bed my husband to drive up to Flag...or even Payson to see the snow. He says sure...but we never get there. He left snow 14 years ago, and he really LEFT it! It looks so pretty though....glad you enjoyed it!

Jule's Spot said...

Looks like you had soo much fun! I love snow pictures...and I love the DAY that it snows...but past that, we Hoosiers are over the snow!!! Give me Arizona heat!!!!
Camdyn looks adorable in her snow clothes!!!! Glad the snow bibs worked! She is adorable!
Love you!

Colleen said...

Great pictures! Looks like fun!