Monday, February 1, 2010

Brush with fame game Monday!! Jon Voight and Jim Moret

I met Jon Voight on election night at the Arizona Biltmore Resort, he was there to show his support to his good friend and Presidential Candidate John Mccain and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin. He was standing in the audience just a short distance from us, so of course I went over and said Hi and asked for a photograph with him, he said Yes!!
This same night, I was asked for several interviews, I still wonder why all these t.v. shows wanted to interview me, alot of them were foreign news shows. But the most famous one was Inside Edition and the host Jim Moret. I think they liked my signs and maybe because Gold was the Right color!!! I guess I got the memo on that one!! It sure looks like I am giving him an ear full here doesn't it???At this point in the night, I was fired up with enthusiasm and thought for sure WE would pull off a WIN, but God is in control and I think all things happen for a reason and I think I have seen a New revival going across this Great Country of ours and if anything if it brings people to God that is the best reason ever for the outcome.


Anonymous said...
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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Gold indeed is the color!

On the night of the 11th I will actually be going to the airport to pick up my bestest friend since the 3rd grade and from there we will be going to the theater. I hope her plane is not late. :)

Stella said...

You do indeed get to meet the most interesting people. I love the color of your dress.

Deanna said...

Dear Jamie, I'm sure you represented us all in a good way!
I'm glad you were there to share with the news and people about the world.

You go girl!

Corie said...

Boy what I wouldnt give for the night to have turned out differently! GOLD is a very pretty color!

Duchess of Tea said...

My darling I popped in to wish you a love filled February full of blessings. I will be back later to tell you all the latest. Kiss my lovely Princess for me.

Love & Hugs