Monday, March 1, 2010

Brush with fame game Monday!! President Bill Clinton

In Sept. of 1996, President Bill Clinton was in Az campaigning, I heard on t.v that you could go to Luke Air Force Base and see Air Force One take off, I assumed it meant just that, they would wisk the President in and we would never get a glimpse of him, well I was wrong!!!!
When he pulled up in his Presidential Limo, he proceeded over to the area they had roped off and he proceeded to shake hands with those with in reach!!!! And we were some of those lucky ones to be close enough to shake his hand. Well for those of you who Know me well, know I am not of that party!!!! But that's ok, it is an honor to get to shake a President's hand!!! Our son was so excited as well!!!! It was so hot that day, my Mom sat under a shade tree and never got to even see him.
He said to me quote unquote "I appreciate your Vote", well sadly for me, he won with out my vote!!!


Jule's Spot said...

I saw him too..he gets around!

Deanna said...

You lucky Lady you!
Jamie, this series of yours is alot of fun to see who you brushed with.
Prez C did not get my coveted vote either.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...