Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Only because you asked me to post!!!!

This Man was at the baggage carousel at the airport with us, he flew in from Charlotte, N.C., we flew in from Orlando!!!! He was sitting in FIRST CLASS for the entire 5 hour flight according to the many that were on his flight!!!!!
He did not mind posing with you for pics nor did he mind letting you take his pic, as I asked!!!!
He did not act different then any other MAN, he was totally Manly, if you want my opinion, so why the bizarre dress??? I asked if it was a dare!!!! I know I asked!!!!!He said NO!!!!!
I also asked a near by Police officer if I had shown up dressed like that would it be legal?? He said Yes!!!!
He was very secure in his exposed skin!!!!


Kissed by an Angel said...

That took a lot of nerve!!

Corie said...

I can't believe you posted that. :)That guy was a little strange. Guess its a good thing that he feels comfortable enough in his own skin to do this. I am confident...but not that confident. Haha!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

OMG, Jamieeeee Girl...
Can you believe that? This man must love attention, and he probably loves having his picture taken and feeling famous, while all the while people are laughing their heads off at the idiot.

I am so glad he feels secure in this dress, because we sure don't. Lock him up and throw away the key. It is not normal for a man to wear panty hose and stelletos, let alone bikini bottoms and a short top. Oh My Gosh!!

I will get with you this week when I am off, and compare some of the lists (names and meals) to make sure we are matching, give you what I have. I have also bought cherry plates and napkins, and I am going to take one of the napkins into the bakery to have a cake made for the tea. I thought we could have cake after our lunch for any that want some.

Can't wait as I know we are going to have a ball. Will be so nice to have the group all together again.
Talk to you the end of the week. I am off Friday, so either Friday or Saturday. Let me know what time works for you.

Thanks for sharing my sweetie. Love ya girl. Hugs, Sherry

Anonymous said...

I about died when I saw this picture! That is hilarious...and a little disturbing! :)

Deanna said...

Jamie, I have been said to say...if I had a camera with me that person would be in my book!
I'd have a book filled with eclectic dressers.
Yep, he'd qualify!
You're sweet to have asked him for a photo. I prob would have just sneaked one...hahaha.
Thx for sharing.

Rachelle said...

OH DEAR GOD.....why??? What a werido!!!

Stella said...

Certainly takes all kinds of people to make the world and interesting place doesn't it? You always find interesting people to meet.

I was excited to hear your Mom doesn't live very far from me. Hope you will plan a visit in the near future and perhaps we can make plans to meet. Would love to talk to you in person. Stella

Charlotte said...

My goodness. That must have been quite a shock. I feel about the same way about it that Sherry does. lol
I've gotta get back and look at the menu for the tea. It will be here before we know it.
Hope you're having a good week.

Julie said...

Umm... WOW! I think the most disturbing part is not the shirt, tights or heels, but the TEENY TINY camo "shorts"

Chatty Crone said...

Wow - what can I say? There are just no words! I'm speechless and that says a lot as I'm Chatty. lol


nancygrayce said...

The word whackadoo comes to mind! The guy is nuts! :)

Gigi (aka) Chris said...

That is just wrong!!!!!! He looks like he is in his late 40's early 50's.....hopefully he doesn't have children or grandbabies...how embarrassing for them!!!! Very bad....very,very bad!!!!

Mimi said...

This guy was older then 50!!!! Maybe 60!!!!
To old to be dressed like that!!!!!

Terry said...

Howdy Jamie
Happy St.Patricks Day sweetie :)
Wow this is one confident person.
I 'm not sure I am that comfortable with myself let alone and airport full of people :)
Thank you for putting a smile on my face as always I had a blast !
Big hugs sent to you with many happy blessings for you and yours.
Love from Texas
Happy Trails

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OMG Jamie!
That is too funny! I would have been laughing hysterically and not been able to get a pic!
Hope your week is going well,
Hugs, Cindy

Buttercup said...

This may not be against the law, but it's breaking every law of good taste. That cannot be a comfortable outfit to fly in.

Wishes for a bright and beautiful St. Patrick's Day!

Jule's Spot said...

OMG....if you want to see kooks then go to the airport...WEIRDOS!
You and I would fit right in!
Love ya

zandra said...

Freaky! lol
Happy St. Patty's day, to you, too!
Hugz, z

Audra said...

GURL....I am stunned. I have seen some stuff in my day, but this is right up there with the man wearing a jock strap, red cross trainers and NOTHING Else in down town Phoenix (homeless central..by the court house?). Maybe he just likes to dress in really tacky women's clothes? Maybe he is a cross dresser or maybe I don't wanna know what he is.

Oh My GOODNESS...This has really made my day. And he is decked out in green so it REALLY made my St. Paddy's Day!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is a mutant leprechaun. Anything to get folks to look at you I guess.

Grams said...

I sure am glad I didn't run into this person with one of the grandchildren. It's not a discussion I want to have.