Sunday, April 18, 2010

6th Annual Pat Tillman Run

I had to get up at 4 A.M. , yes this night owl got UP that early!!! I decided since they encouraged everyone to use Public transportation, I would take the light rail into downtown Tempe!!!The sun was just starting to come up at 5:50 a.m.!!I arrived in Tempe at 7:00 a.m. and headed straight for Starbucks!!!!
This group is the family of one of my good friends and a Fellow wife of a Manager that works for the same company as my Husband, her nephew was killed in Iraq serving his Country so some of her family and friends and another wife of a Manager is also in this group, I love their shirts!!! And this mini Marathon funds medical and civic projects for Veterans. What a Great cause and this is my fist time to participate and it was an honor to do this and I hope next year to be able to RUN the 4 1/2 miles!!! It is actually 4.2 miles as Pat Tillman wore #42 jersey when he played for the Arizona Cardinals and gave up is NFL career to serve in the Army Rangers.
The orange tag on your shoe starts your running/walking time as you cross over the Start line and step over the finish line!!!!
Here I am with the Merrill Family, he is also a Manager for the same company and they invited me to be a part of their team!!!!I may later tell the story how I got out of the top I was wearing into my running jersey, good thing no one else had a camera with them!!All I will say is it was not pretty!!!!
Some of the finishers, they finished LONG before we even started!!!!! They finished in 20 minutes!!!!
We are finally at the start line, over 20,000 participated so it took a while for our group to get to go!!!!
This is where the race will end, I am still about a mile or so from the finish!!! My legs are starting to hurt!!!And my hands are numb!!!!!
I think I will set some goals and I hope my voice will lead me towards them!!!!
He is a real Hero in my book!!!
We are almost there!!!!!It finished at ASU stadium on the 42 yard line!!!!
Here is Rachelle AND Josh as they cross the line and the announcer just announced RACHELLE MERRILL'S group have crossed the line!!!!
AT the finish line!!!!!

Rachelle and I, we did pretty good, we walked the entire route and finished in 1 hour and 4 minutes, not a winning time, but we did walk pretty fast!!!
OK, if you want --this is MY hair after I shampooed it with DAWN 3 times and different shampoos 4 times!!!! NOT much change!!!!!
SO from the race I headed over to Dolce Salon and PAID another $110.00 for someone to FIX the dark hair!!!!
SO grand total for the week on doing my hair----$235.00!!!! I cannot believe so I am NOT doing 1 thing with my hair for at least 2 months!!! Or it might just fall out!!!!!

Later that night we had a celebratory dinner for my husbands store and his crew for being the number 3 store in profit and sales(I think that's it)
Can you believe with all the rushing around and all that hair dye soaking into my head, I FORGOT MY CAMERA, now that is like me forgetting my purse!!!!!
But I just wanted to say something about the evening. My husbands boss brought his whole family, they are great Christians and it was so nice sitting and talking to his wife and their sons, the oldest son is 24 and the younger one 22, both are very handsome young men, not married but searching for MISS Right, the older one showed up in a Plain white nice t-shirt with just the word "Blessed " on it so I of course asked about it, he says he has 3 shirts with just 1 word on them, Blessed-Redeemed and Forgiven, what a Great testimony and a real conversation starter!!!
So it was a fun busy day again!!!!
But I will post pics soon of my hair after the re-do!!!!


Kissed by an Angel said...

What a fantastic day!!! Well done all of you!

Julie said...

My dad and my brother, Cory, did the run. They actually ran and my dad even wore his Vibram 5-finger shoes. (If you haven't heard of them, you'll have to look em up. They look like gorilla feet.) I'm still trying to get him to admit how many stares he got wearing those, but he ran the whole way in them. Cory was too fashion conscious to put wear his Vibrams - wonder why? And the dark hair is not bad at all! Just dark!

Chatty Crone said...

Great job and run - and by the way I liked your dark hair. sandie

linda said...

Yay for you! Such a great cause to participate in!

I recognized so much in your daughter goes to ASU and lives on University!

It almost brings me to tears everytime I see Pat's name inside the stadium. He is my hero too!

Julie said...

I'd love to do it next year with you! Hopefully next year we'll be living in Arizona and I CAN do all these walks.

And I'm heavily contemplating getting those 5 finger shoes. I mean if both my dad and my brother who both have very wide feet and struggle to find shoes that fit can wear these without any complaint, then to me they're worth trying. Even if you do look like a gorilla. My dad said he didn't get as many stares/comments as he thought he would. But now do I get a pair of goofy looking gorilla shoes or another pair of MBTs that make me look like i have one leg shorter than the other?

Julie said...

Oh and where is Camdyn on the website?! I've been looking for her but I haven't seen any of her photos!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Woo hoo, way to go on the race!

I didn't recognize you in the pics with your dark hair. But I think you looked great! Different... but great!

Jenny said...

Wow, I'm impressed. That is such an amazing fund raiser. OK, I'm supposed to be reading Alphabe-Thursday posts and I am totally sucked into your blog.

That's it.

I'm leaving now.