Monday, May 10, 2010

Delivering love and having lunch with 2 of my fav gals!!!

I have delivered flowers for Holidays on and off for nearly 23 years!!!My Mom owned a flower shop for a few years and I also have done it for several shops in town. I taught the girls the trick to reading maps and they made very good money delivering with me for Holidays all through out college and so when they called me to help this year I asked my son if he wanted to do it with me(I always gave them all the money) and he said ok, well Friday his final took alot longer then he anticipated so I had to do it alone with my handy GPS!!!!On Saturday his girlfriend and I did it and she made 200.00!!!!Some of the beautiful flower arrangements!!
Buckets and buckets of flowers!!!
Meeting here for lunch!!!
Arizona has some vineyards, not been to this one.....YET!!!!
Loved all these pictures hanging on the walls!!!

My chicken salad!!!So very good
Posing and looking so cute!!!


Corie said...

LOVE that last pic of Camdyn. She is adorable! Oh, and yes....flower delivery can be very nice extra cash. That and my beverage cart job at the golf course were two amazing college jobs!:)

Chatty Crone said...

Delivering flowers - now that had to be fun for mother's day - usually it makes people happy - love Miss Camdyn. sandie