Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seventh Generation Give Away!!!!

After becoming a MIMI 2 years ago, I decided then and there I wanted a safer more environmental home for her and my family. I shopped around for cleansers and laundry products that were made from natural ingredients. I discovered Seventh Generation products at my local grocery store when I was looking to purchase baby laundry soap. Since my daughter and I both suffer with chronic Pruritis (itchy skin) I wanted to get something all natural for her clothes that I wash here when I babysit her. I decided one day to contact Seventh Generation about getting coupons, which you can get on there web-site. I then wrote and asked if I could get some free samples to try and I would then blog about it on my blog. The company wrote and said "why YES", so I chose the baby line to test out for free. Pictured above is EVERYTHING that showed up at my house about 4 days ago!!!

These items here are specifically designed for babies. I copied this saying from their website,"A Nursery is defined as any place where something is nourished and fostered", you take care of your home to take care of your little one. So why would you not want the very best chlorine free wipes and diapers on your little ones bottom????WE have been using the wipes and diapers now for 4 days and I think honestly these are the BEST diapers we have used.
I have been happily cleaning away my kitchen and bath with the new all natural cleaning products and the paper towels. I also love the sanitizing wipes, I take them with me to wipe down carts and high chairs at restaurants!!!!I also love LOVE my new Seventh generation reusable shopping bag, another great idea for the environment!!!!

NOW for the GOOD --GREAT news!!!!!
Seventh generation has so KINDLY offered one of my readers a FREE BOX of Products just like the one I sampled!!!!YES!!!!!ALL of these great products can be yours---FREE!!!!!!!
In 1 week Friday MAY 21, someone in my family will randomly draw out a number and who ever leaves a comment with that same number wins this great give away!!!!!
No you do not have to sign up and become a follower, just visit Seventh Generation's website and tell me which product or products is important to you and your family in regards to a safer more Natural home!!!!After all YOUR HOME IS YOUR WORLD!!!!!


Corie said...

I would have to say that the disinfectant products would be something I would deem absolutely necessary in any home. I LOVE a clean house and hate yucky germs! The wipes and sprays are all natural and kill all the gross germs! Perfect for wiping down toys, highchairs, grocery carts, spraying the counters, etc. I think its awesome you were able try a little of everything and that you get to draw a number to pick a winner!:)

Chrissy said...

WOW! How fun and exciting...I think you and my mom would become great two think of the greatest ideas and ways to be able to try products FREE from the company's before investing in them!! Well...I am going to have to say that my number is 11...that is my lucky number with Mary Kay, so I feel it just may be my lucky number with this too!!

Bethanie said...

Hi, How cool that they sent you all this great stuff. And even cooler that they want to send more to someone you choose. I would have to say that I would love the sanitizing wipes and spray. I use sanitizing wipes on EVERYTHING and to know that it is safe and won't harm the kids is a relief. This is something I would like to try. My Lucky number is 13. :-)

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh Mimi - there are quite a few - for me the dishwasher soap - I have no idea what we are cleaning the dishes with or what chemicals are in it.

But for my grandson - he is a STREP magnet - the doctor called him that - he has had strep 5 times since January. Would love the hand wipes.

Whenever we go anywhere - he uses his hands as the wipe! Then I could use the wipe to clean his hands (!) - without adding so many extra chemcials on him.

And even if I don't win - I know now from you they work - and what a great idea asking for a sample.

Go girl!


Corie said...

Ok, you didnt say how many times you could enter.... But, I am doing it again! BTW, do these people not realize they could WIN all of this?! They are crazy! Oh, well more of a chance for me to WIN! SO now I have 2 chances!

The Martin Family said...

I think disinfectant products are a great thing to have around the house, with twins and dogs around I use them alot. I would use the wipes everywhere. I like the number 13 since that is how old I am. LOL

Grams said...

I agree with the dishwashing soap. We use these items already and my daughter actually makes her own cleaning supplies from things like vinegar or baking soda. Call me number seven for Seventh Generation. Thanks, Kathy

Julie said...

Hi Jamie, WOW! You always seem to have the best luck! How awesome that they sent you so much stuff to try. I've been contemplating trying their bathroom cleaner. I was cleaning Ry's tub and realized how harsh all those chemicals are on my skin, I can't imagine what they'd do to a baby's skin. Disinfectant wipes are also a must to ward off all those icky germs. Especially with a kiddo.

Mommy Jenni said...

Hi there, I am Grams daughter! When I was pregnant with my son and right after he was born I went organic and all natural crazy, but it can really be expensive! I love the Seventh Generation line! I find it much more reasonable then other brands, and actually all natural and helpful where some other brands just say they are "green." Recently I started to make my own stuff, but currently I am 38 weeks pregnant and energy is precious :) I think this give away is a great thing! Count me in #9!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

What a great website they have. I was impressed with their "Mission" page. They are determined to inspire others through innovation, education, and interaction. And they donate 10% of our profits to support organizations that work for positive change!

I would love to try any of their "household cleaners". I'm constantly wiping down kitchen and bathroom counters with a disinfecting spray and I worry about the health effects of that... and I don't like the smell!

Great giveaway Jamie!

Debbie said...

I think I would want to try the diapers:) I hate Huggies!! Lincoln always has "blowouts" with them and they never seem to be snug enough. We use pampers swaddlers now and they seem to work, but I am always up for trying out a new brand. And the wipes would be so nice too with all the dog slobber at my house!! Haha

A Write Life said...

Great giveaway. They have wonderful products, I agree.

Chrissy said...

Okay so I had to re-read the post... and I saw that in my first response I posted my number, but I forgot to post that I would LOVE, LOVE, to try out the floor cleaning products. My entire house is tile except for the bedrooms, right now I use vinegar and water to clean it, because there are no chemicals in that, but I just don't feel my floors get very clean. So I pick the floor cleaner!!