Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm so Proud of YOU !!!!!

To Jesse and her parents for raising such a Great daughter!!!!Jesse followed her heart and moved from Michigan to Arizona!!!!She went to a Christian University in Florida, but her Home is in Michigan. Our son met Jesse because one of his best friends dates one of her best friends, so they met when she came to Arizona to visit her. LOW and BEHOLD our son picked Barry Law School in Florida to attend Law School, you all know the rest!!!!!They were now in Florida together and fell in love!!!!
After she graduated, our son decided he wanted to finish LAW SCHOOL in AZ so he would Not have to take the Bar exam in 2 states, and the story goes that Jesse moved ALL the way to AZ to follow her heart, at the young age of 22, I do not know if I could have done that!!!!She lived with us for about 6 months while she saved money to get her own place. This is where my story gets really good. Jesse is an accounting major and she IS SO MONEY SMART, it makes me smile from ear to ear. We have raised our children to make smart decisions about saving, spending and well you understand!!!SO to say the least this girl could have been raised by us as she is so much like us in that matter. I also think she is ALOT like us in other ways too but my story today is about her fiscal responsibility!!!So I would like for all of you to see her BRAND NEW CAR!!!!!
A brand new 2010 Toyota Camry!!!!!

It is so cute and smells so NEW!!!!Don't you just love that smell????
SO Congratulations Jesse on your NEW CAR!!!!
WE love it!!!!!


Bethanie said...

Tell Jesse I said "NICE CAR"!!!! Congrats to her! i love the new car smell. I can't wait to get a new car! Hopefully Soon.

By the way.. I head to Nashville in the morning for my Interview on Tuesday. Wish me luck!!! I am SOOO Nervous. :-)

Corie said...

So happpy for her! she deserves all the best and we all just LOVE her! Yeah to Jay on her new car!!