Sunday, June 6, 2010

Time flies when you are having fun, even if it's 109 degrees!!!

Started the Day out at Mr. T's 5th Birthday Party!!!!It's a BUZZ Lightyear party!!!!!I love the colors and all the cute decorations his Mommy and Nana put together!!!A little boy's dream party!!!!
The only 2 little girls at the party!!!They have their super power bracelets on!!!!
Having lunch!!!!
Playing some fun water games, the Heat will not keep us from having fun!!!!
Water balloon toss time!!!!
Miss C loved his Buzz guy!!!
Mr. T loves Star Wars, so we worked up some Magic and had a special someone send him a Star Wars Jedi in training cape!!!!The Jedi costumes were ALL sold out this week, it is Star Wars week at Disney World's Hollywood Studios!!!!But he loved it and his Mom said he stayed in it all day!!!!You look adorable Mr. T!!!
Then it was off to Mr. C's 2nd Birthday and his little sister Miss A's 1st birthday, they are just 1 year and a few days apart!!!!!
The cute, yummy cakes!!!!
The little birthday girl!!!
The cute birthday boy!!!
My daughter and grand daughter with Michelle and Mr. C, we do not let a little heat stop us from fun!!!!But it sure was HOT!!!!
Then that night we had another mini high school reunion, and this picture tells the entire story!!!!This makes it all worth it!!!!My friend Sheli and I have been organizing these little get togethers. We are planning another golf outing and then a fun night out in Sept again at one of the guys houses who has a big volleyball sand pit , so that will be fun!!!!
Some of the girls chatting away, I sat by Cheryl at dinner(the one in blue) and LOW and Behold, her youngest son went to College with my girls and my Son-in-Law, and he was in the same fraternity as my son in law!!!!!That is not our only it's such a small world connection, she is good friends with one of my Discount Tire Wife friends!!!!!WOW, is all I can say, this County called Maricopa County has as of 2009 over 4 million people in it, who would think anyone would have a connection!!!!
This is Forrest and "little Forrest, our High School's claim to fame, Forrest(the Dad) played in the NFL for the Green Bay Packers!!!!They are BIG GUYS!!!!
The fun gang, the boys were busy talking and didn't even realize they were suppose to be posing!!!!
The guys, since they wouldn't pose nice in the big group pic!!!And one had left and missed this pic.
The girls minus one who left before we took this one, and of course our favorite guy, Mitch!!!!
Another FUN BUSY


Deanna said...

Hi Jamie, Blessings to you!

I about cooked last night without air conditioners on...toughed it out and trying to go abit longer with just fans.

You still look like you are cool as a cucumber even in the heat...109! What is your secret?

Your day looks like lots of fun and the cake delicious!!!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

You guys do have more fun than anyone. So much fun at all the parties. Yes, it really was a hot one today. Still wish we had a pool. I would be living in it. I hope when we ge to Calif. it is a whole lot cooler. Hugs, Marty

Corie said...

What a busy weekend you have had! I am exhausted and I didn't have as many events as you! Trey's party was AMAZING! Krystal and Judy did a great job and Miss C felt awfully special being 1 of 2 girls there! Then Ava and Collins...Camdyn has so many cute little sweet friends! She has many years of fun with all of them! And to end your day with friends from h.s. awesome! So crazy that Luke's mom went to h.s. with you. Talk about a small world!:)

Krystal said...

What a fun weekend for you! I think it is so good that you get together with some friends from high school. I hope I am doing that too for years to come!. Thank you so much for the cape. When I say Trey loves it... he really does. He wanted to sleep in it. I had to let him fall asleep and than take it off. As soon as he woke up he wanted to put it on. He even wanted to wear it to church today! Thank you so much for the gift. You have made his star wars dream come to life in that cape! What a fun day of friends. Now I would say take it easy and rest. It looks like you had more than enough fun!

linda said...

I'm so glad that you guys don't let the heat damper your fun. I'm afraid I'd probably stay inside most of the day. I don't do extreme heat very well.

The kids are adorable...and those cakes! I'd die for a piece of that chocolate cake right now.

Looks like you had a great time with your high school friends. They sure look like a great bunch of people.

Rettabug said...

What fun parties you guys get to attend! Whew on that heat...yuck! I guess it equals my winter cold & snow, huh?

Love the little bubble dress on Ms. C. as well as her expression over Buzz...too cute!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Jamie,
You've been busy my friend!
What a cute party and the heat, oh dear, that is tooo hot!
Stay cool,
Hugs, Cindy

Buttercup said...

So much fun! I'm especially taken with the birthday party. The cakes are so cute, but the birthday kids are even cuter.
I went to a baby "sprinkle" last week for a colleague who is due next month. She's having a girl and her name -- the baby -- is Kamryn. Thought of your sweet little Miss C. Take good care and stay cool!

zandra said...

Looks like a blast! Love the girls big headbands!
Hugz, z

Kissed by an Angel said...

What a fabulous time you all had!! 109 degrees - I just cannot imagine that!!!

皇雅婷豪 said...
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Anonymous said...

Well Mimi those little ones sure keep you on the go even in the sweltering weather. Those cakes are delish looking. blessings

Audra said...

You all look like you had a great time. It was a scorcher wasn't it? I just keep inside, well except for the couple of hours on Saturday to yard sale.

Those birthday parties are perfect! Makes me wish that my kids were small again. Can you believe that College Diva will be 21 on the 16th?

Thanks for the birthday wishes, no need to apologize about being MIA...I know how things get crazy and time gets away from you. I was MIA for nearly a month!

The Martin Family said...

What fun! Sorry I missed the reunion. I will hit it in Sept. maybe. Love the party pics also.