Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun times with Stacie at HOME!!!

Having lunch on our last day and saying bye to Dad, we always hate to see her leave, we miss you so much Stacie :>), but we will see you in 3 months!! :>)
Playing in the water!!Any water!!
Shopping for shoes for Aunt Stacie!!
And Aunt Stacie bought her something at the Disney Store!! Now we are Looking for a bathing suit!!!
Camdyn with one of the owners (Jessica Cuff) at that great place called the Coffee Shop, we love it so much we had to go back!!!
Mommy had rootbeer float and Mimi had banana split, see it to the left with a cherry on top??? aunt stacie passed this time.
swimming at the country club with our good friends Judy and Krystal and the darling kiddos!!!
Kajun trying to catch the water!!
getting another piggy back ride, this time on Aunt Stacie's back!!
Aunt Stacie had so much fun with her darling niece, she was swimming around the pool chasing the 3 kiddos pretending to be a fish!!
This is so much fun
Playing in the water is her favorite thing to do!!!


Meri Wiley said...

Jamie I would have totally stopped communicating with you had you purposely killed the snake......really. I think you're an amazing person, but I hope and pray you were joking. Please ease my fears and let me know you were being sarcastic.


Chatty Crone said...

I love playing in the water too when it's so hot - the water is so warm it almost feels like bath water! Sandie

Deanna said...

Hi Jamie,
Delightful time with your family!
I just got back from the little County Fair and it was so hot I think jumping in a cool pool would be sssswwweeettt!

PS I like the scripture that tells us we have dominion!

cilla said...

Hello jamie
soo good to hear from you sweetie,i love your photos soo pretty,i hope you have a great week,and staying cool.stop by my southern kitchen blog sometime would love to have you..have a great day.Cilla

Mrs.G said...

Camdyn is getting so big!!!
The water looks very inviting...mind if I dive in???