Saturday, August 21, 2010

SURPRISE!!! Dorie and Nemo have a new home!!

I have been telling Miss Camdyn for a few weeks now that I was going to get her a fish. I really wanted to take her and let her pick it out, but decided Tuesday after my civic duty(I was summoned to jury duty) it is a life time desire to actually SERVE on jury duty. I have been summoned many times, but when I make that call the day before I have always been excused. This time I got to go, but I sat there for almost 5 hours and was NEVER even spoken too!!!So I and alot of other happy people were excused. I left SAD!!!I picked out a Blue fish(Dorie) and an orange one(that would be Nemo). And surprised her at home!!I called and said I was stopping by and had a surprise, she was waiting at the door for my honk, I always honk!!
She got to pick which one would live at her house and which one would live at Mimi's house!!
She chose Dorie!!
She was trying to Pet her the other day and she almost flipped out of her bowl and SCARED MISS C to death, Mommy says she pets her NO MORE!!


Corie said...

We LOVE Dory and Nemo! I especially like the easy, non-stinky, and really clean kind of pets! This is definitely our kind of animal!:)

Deanna said...

Sweet and beauty fishes! What a great treat for your lil miss.

One day very soon you'll get to serve Jury Duty and it will be an experience you'll not soon forget.

It's been over 25 years ago that I served on a vandilism case. It was challenging for me 'cause I had to listen so closely...didn't want to miss a thing. Took it very serious.

have a sweet week,