Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Turning MOMENTS into Memories!!The Scottsdale Fairmont Princess

"If anything truly defines Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, it is the value we attach to lasting memories."And we created more fun memories!!

Love the bees doing their thing!!!
The famous wall of Water!!
Loved the cute signs everywhere!!

Such a magnificent resort with fine touches everywhere, a warm table side fire in the midst of a very warm night, but the atmosphere was perfect!!
The twinkling lights on the promenade.
The fire ball lit up at night.It was so romantic just walking around the grounds at night.
This is the lake behind our room, they had a fire in the middle of it as well, you could feel the warmth from the edge.
Our family joined us the second day, to play in the pool and celebrate Dad's Birthday!!
Here is C.J. our son and his girlfriend Jesse walking along the tiki torch lit pathway!!
the Princess Ball Room, oh yeah!!!

so cute!!!

Will and Corie and her cute little Baby Bump!!
There were bunnies everywhere!!
dive in movies at the pool!!!We popped in and watched for a little while, no bathing suits for us though as we had our dinner reservation at about the same time :>(
Miss C loved the popcorn

Having Breakfast in the cute family area!!!
Walking around the outside of our room, the rose garden area was right out our patio
Kisses from Mommy!!
During the day, the shores of the lake was filled with kids and Big kids alike fishing away!!
The 5th tee Box of the Tournament Players Club Golf course, this is where the Famous Phoenix Open is Played every year.
Playing in the sand while waiting for her balloon!!

sand on the bottom!!
Let's go rinse off!! Okay water where are you??

My balloon!!!Nemo on a fishing pole!!!
"look Mimi I got my fish"
Taking him to the pool!!

the weekend was spent doing lots of this.....
splashing dude-dude with the water from the splash pad
looking at this little girl smiling and laughing
Listening to the steel drum band
watching Miss C waiting for the "Under the Sea" song from the Little Mermaid!!
She was so excited
running all over the 1 foot pool area, seriously it was a HUGE kids play pool
posing for cute pics with MOMMY
Venturing out and swimming ALL over the Pool!!
Watching for Daddy and Dude-Dude to come down the water slide!!
Mjmi did it too!!
Here comes Grand Dude
And daddy!!
Lots of WET Kisses!!
For me to post a pic like this, it must have been a fun time!!
playing on Daddy's back!!
Getting tossed in the air
Hanging on the Basketball rim!!Her I'm a little Monkey impersonation!!
And Jumping in over and over again, she would say "again Mimi, again Mimi!!So glad Daddy took over!!
Again and Again........so fun!!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Jamie,
OMG what a wonderful place to stay!
I loved the pics and seeing you and your family having a blast together!
And what a nice family you have!
Looks like little Miss C had the time of her life!
Katie is 36 weeks now, not far to go. We are all getting anxious and I know she is getting a bit scared about labor and delivery.
I am missing Arizona and wish I was coming out soon. It might not be until Feb. this year. I will just see how it goes with Katie and her baby.
Big Hugs,

Corie said...

That was seriously SO MUCH fun! I LOVE our family vacations, staycations, adventures.....whatever you want to call them! Miss C makes is that much more delightful! Can't imagine it getting much better, but we KNOW it will! Thanks for the amazing weekend! Love ya...and what a way to celebrate Dad's birthday! Afterall, we celebrate birthdays BIG around here!:)

The Martin Family said...


What a fun resort and so beautiful! Looks like a fun time for all.


Deanna said...

Dear Jamie, This all looks like such fun! Lots of great memories in the making.

The little baby bump is so precious!!!!

God bless,