Wednesday, September 29, 2010

'ZOO' Pendous Day!!!!!

Please Hold your appaws!!!!!Save it for the cute animals!!!
Paw prints to our hearts!!!!
Mimi and her darling little creature!!
Face painting time, we thought she would rub it off right away, nope, she loved it!!!
She was a bit embarrassed as this was just off the sidewalk for the LONG LINE waiting to see the New Koala Bear exhibit, as a Zoo member we got to go the very first day!!!
Look who we bumped into Kaiden(his Dad was there too) !! He is the son of good friends of Mommy and Daddy's from College. Look how cute they are walking hand in hand all over the zoo!!
The African Savannah area.
So we stopped in to feed them some lettuce.
Mimi was more afraid then Miss Camdyn was!!
And the very cute new KOALA BEAR---OH MY!!!!
some kind of Monkey, but I forget his exact species????Help someone......
And zebras!!Since it was SOOOO HOT, we got there at 9 a.m. and it was in the low 90's already, we stayed for a few hours and left.....but many many more Zoo trips will come!!
Had lunch at z'tejas and made a dash for Sprinkles Cupcakes (mimi had none, she is cruise dieting, and I did not even ask for a bite!!!)
what a fun day!!


Mrs.G said...

Hello Friend
Wonderful day at the zoo...I wish we were that hot...I have to were a thick sweater were ever I go now.
I don't know the name of the monkey I have only seen it in pictures...too cool you have all those exotic animals...we are to cold here for giraffes,or pandas.
Sorry have to apaws/applause Miss C...she's the cutest!!!

Corie said...

YES, I agree "apaws" to Miss C for being my little sweetheart! I LOVE the pics you took....AMAZING as usual! Can't wait to go back tons and especially while I am on maternity leave....afterall the weather should be pretty spectacular that time of year!

Corie said...

Oh, and KUDOS to you on passing up Sprinkles! I really hope that since you have done SO WELL on your diet that while we are all at Disney World and Atlantis you will be able to splurge!!!:) YUMMY!

Julie said...

Looks like fun. I am so excited to actually have time (wait, what's that?) to enjoy all the fun activities Phoenix has to offer. I don't know how you passed up a Sprinkles... what wonderful will power!