Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something SPECTACULAR!!

Friday night was our Monthly Bunco game, and this month's theme was HALLOWEEN COSTUME night!!!Sandy's home was all decked out with Halloween decor, I mean the entire down stairs!!
The formal dining room area!!!--oops did I forget to snap the family room, the game room and the living room!!!Sorry!!but it was awesome!!
It was so nice out we sat out here in this area for awhile!!!
Having a few snacks before getting started and the food was so good and alot of it was diet friendly!!!
Rebecca meeting IGOR!!
L to R is Angela, Amy, Rebecca, Jeaninne and Julie--great costumes girls!!
the one in the middle is Jolene and her Mom and best friend from OHIO were subs tonight. They are BIG BIG Ohio State fans!!
I wore my very fav costume Snow White!!!

On Saturday I met my brother and his family for lunch, he was in town to get his daughter and grandson and take them to Chicago where he lives.
Me and my baby brother, what a GREAT DAD you are, driving out here straight through and then stay 1 night and turn around and drive back. They made it home safely.
Around 5 p.m. a very unusual dust storm moved in, it is called a HABOOB, meaning a large dust storm with very little to no visibility. My Hubby was on his way home from work early and had to pull off into a neighborhood and wait it out. We had a dinner reservation with friends and we were 45 minutes late. This is looking south.
this is looking west with the sun shining through the dust.
Glad we got rain after, to clean up all that dirt!!
But we had to pull over while driving to Scottsdale for dinner, because the rain drops were as big as golf balls!!So I did not take my camera out of the car as it was raining when we arrived at dinner!!But it was alot of fun having dinner with some of our Discount tire friends. Our friends who was also at dinner are leaving for 12 days going to Italy on Tuesday, there daughter is an OB/GYN nurse for the Navy and is stationed there!!Please keep them in your prayers with all the travel warnings right now, I want them to return safely.
Week-ends are so much fun around our house!!busy but fun!!


Deanna said...

Jamie, Your Bunco group really have spunk!
You looked darling in your costume.
You must have had great fun with your sweet friends.

Glad you got to see family.

God bless and may the dirt clouds stay away!!!
Is this storm stuff kind of the dirty 30s?

Chatty Crone said...

I used to play Bunko that was so much fun - never dressed in costumes though. Sandie

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I didn't know they made Snow White costumes for us grown up girls! Or did you make it? I have dreams of being Snow White too!

Grams said...

My nephew is also stationed in Italy and he and his wife have really enjoyed touring. My sister wants me to go with her in April to visit. I've been there but it's been a few years so maybe. :)