Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What have you been UP too????let me show you!!!

 Since it has become much cooler in the afternoons a trip to the Park is a MUST!!!Running to those hungry ducks!!

 I'll feed you little duckie!!
 scared of popcorn????
 again--share some --eat some!
 daddy was off on Friday, so we decided to drive out to our favorite OLD WEST place to eat!!
 Cute little baby bump!!!
 playing on the saddle seats!!
Practicing her ballet moves on the stage, I love that big star!!
 running around the dance floor!!
 A fun night of volleyball and Mexican food potluck with high school friends!!
 The guys talking away out on the patio!!
 Tim flipping through some old year books, BOY did we get alot of laughs out of those!!!
 Rick and Anna live on a 1 acre little farm, chickens-cows-dogs!!!This guy was just checking us all out!!
 Sat. was this cute little guys 3rd birthday party!!He is my next door neighbor!!!Remember the 2 ponies that came trick or treating on my street last year???This is Snickers!!!I will be using him at a future party too!!!
 Miss C got new boots from her Grammie Connelly(she actually got her several pairs of new boots)  so this was a Perfect time to wear those boots!!SO cute!!!She LOVED every minute she had on the pony!!

 Some of the cute kiddos in the neighborhood!!

 This is the birthday boy's baby sister!!!

Blow out those candles!!
happy Birthday Mr. C


Krystal said...

Wow what a fun few days you've had. I'm guess this week only gets better as you will start your vacation! Tell Micky/Minnie Hi from us! I love Miss C cowgirl boots, and the rain gear is just adorable! Such fun pictures.

Chatty Crone said...

Looks like fun as usual. So tell me - do you know if the new bump is a girl or boy? Sandie