Friday, November 19, 2010

How the grinch Stole Christmas Play--It was tonight!!!!

 The Grinch from the Mall this past summer. Miss Camdyn has been SOOOO EXCITED for this day. Everyday she asks to see The grinch, we have been counting the days down for weeks now!!Today was the day!!!!And she LOVED it!!!We were so worried that she might be scared or bored or just whatever, but SHE loved it all. She waved, clapped and blew him kisses!!If he exited the stage, she was asking when he was coming back!!!When I dropped her and her Mommy off, she said to me, "your WELCOME Mimi for taking me to see grinchie", I cried all the way home!!
 We took a few pics before we left, I bought this RED SLEIGH for my photography business and had to try it out first on Miss Camdyn, she is after all my best model!!!!

 A stranger took this one for us, sadly I should have looked at it--so we could have a mulligan!
 Here is the Group we went with, 16 in all!!

Loved the Play and the Meaning through out!!!A Christmas Must see for all!!


Rettabug said...

How lucky you were to get to go see this fab play AND be permitted to take photos!!! We took Ms. C. to The Snow Maiden ballet last Sat. & NO PHOTO or video equipment was allowed IN THE BUILDING!!!

I just posted some photos from online though. ;-)

Your sweet Ms. C. is really growing up fast. I see major changes in her appearance already.
What a little doll baby she is!! I hope she is getting excited about the new baby's arrival. I KNOW YOU ARE!!!

Corie said...

Seriously what a magical evening! Camdyn LOVED every minute.....and so did we!:) LOVE LOVE LOVE the sleigh pics, they are AMAZING and I am so lucky to have a mom that takes such amazing pics for me! Memories for a lifetime!!! Thanks for going with us to the play, once again....another play does not disappoint!:)

It's just me... Jennifer said...
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It's just me... Jennifer said...

Sorry about deleting my comment made a mistake in spelling...Can't have that! LOL.....I'm so glad miss C was not scared and everyone had such a great looked like a lot of fun! Corie is so right, you take AWESOME pictures....Have a nice weekend...Hugs, Jennifer

Deanna said...

Jamie, What a sweet thing to say to you about the show! Your Welcome.

The show looked first class and I think it would be delightful to see.

Enjoyed the red sleigh! Neat-o and the pics are precious. So very good of your sweet Ms. C. You did a great job of capturing her.

Have a great week-end and enjoyable Thanksgiving!
Love ya,

Buttercup said...

Every set of pictures that I see of Miss C get cuter. I love the ones with the sleigh and the whole group at the theater. Hugs and wishes for a great rest of the weekend.

Julie said...

Oh how fun!! Now that we're here, I definitely need to check out the Gammage Broadway series. Looks like such a great show.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh, those photos of little Miss C in the sleigh are SO PRECIOUS!!! You did a great job on them.
So glad you had so much fun at "The Grinch". What a great idea to make it a stage play. : )
Mary Lou

Tracy said...

Oh, I do love the Grinch.
I am glad to see Ms.C. was not afraid of the Grinch...Bylla would have been horrified!!!
His make up is done very well.
Good times for all;)
Ms.C. looks so pretty she's growing up so fast...your photography is wonderful... I didn't know you were starting up a business...good luck!!!
blessings Tracy

Tracy said...

I feel so silly not knowing about your business...
I thought I would take a look at your side bar in-case I missed some thing about your photography business...seeing it was not there I went on your "about me" button and there it was!!!
Your photos are truly wonderful
You have a real talent for it...I love how you put that picnic together, and all the Mommy's tummy's...tastefully done,very nice.
Bravo Tracy