Tuesday, November 16, 2010


 having breakfast --with a View!!!

 fall in Key West is Warm!!
 Picking up our electric car to go sightseeing in!!!Camdyn loved all the birds!!
 And this town has chickens Running ALL Over it!!!And Miss C loved them all!!
 Some of the famous Homes once owned by Sea Captains.
 This is the Key Lime Home
 The Conch House

 loved all the welcoming Pineapples everywhere!!!
 taking a walking tour of the city!!!
 The famous Lighthouse!!
 The writer's famous home with his 6 toed cats still running all over the place!!
 here kitty kitty!!!We saw a few of them!!

 This porch caught my eye and I could not help myself, I had to take a pic!!

 the END!!!
 Some of them did a bit of the DUVAL CRAWL!!!Well not really!!
 Mommy, Mimi and Camdyn had Key Lime Pie ice cream!!


Char said...

Hey girlfriend, I see you are up to no good!!! Sailing the high seas and having so much fun. Looks like you enjoyed a wonderful trip with family.
At the pace we are all going, we will never get together. I don't seem to stop and neither do you!! HA. About the cupcake, yep, it's homemade, the best kind, and you can't eat it, even better. Be well and who knows what 2011 will bring, maybe more time? I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Char

Deanna said...

I have never been to the furthest point of Florida!
What a neat place to stand.

It looks like alot of fun touring the sites. Seeing the houses is something I enjoy doing.

I am finally home from my radiation vacation. I'm glad to be alive, but think it would be so much funner standing where you did!!!

God bless,

Meri Wiley said...

My goodness woman,

Do you ever stop and take a breath? Do you ever stay in one place? You are the ultimate mover and shaker, good to see you're living life.


Jule's Spot said...

Key West is one of my favorite places that we have visited....I would love to go back, we also stopped there on our cruise! Shauna and I loved the chocolate covered Keylime pie on a stick! There is a little place there famous for theirs...Corie is looking so cute, really looking prego!!!! Glad you all had a wonderful vacation....Cruises are the best! (unless you have a fire!)
Love ya

Grams said...

I actually saw a show(Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe) about the animal control that they have especially for the wild chickens! I love family vacations but the bigger the family gets the fewer vacations we take.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OH that looks so much fun Jamie!
The homes are just so charming!
And what beautiful family pics too.
I think there's a Christmas Card photo there!
I have always wanted to go to Key West! Someday maybe.
Hugs and Happy Weekend too,