Friday, November 5, 2010


The company my husband works for has an Annual Christmas Party, and most years it is a dilemma what to wear, but this year it is the company's 50th Anniversary, so I wanted something long, formal, and a shade of burgundy!!Well I hit the mall several times, I tried Macy's, Dillards and Nordstroms. Nothing caught my eye, until today, I parked outside of Macy's, I was merely walking through to meet up with someone. AND there IT was!! It was not in my size, so I asked the sales lady if they had any more, she said NO, no long dresses this year except online, that is an online return!!!I tried it on and said, I can make this work, I will have it altered a little. It is after all just 1 size bigger then I normally wear. And to think I would have NEVER seen this if I had parked anywhere else!!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

It looks just stunning Jamie!
I love that color! And I suppose we will get a better look when you wear it. How fun to wear a formal! I haven't since my Son's wedding.
Hugs and Happy Weekend too,

Jean said...

Lovely color. Perfect dress. Congratulations on the find.

Corie said...

It will be SO beautiful on....and we have the MOST awesome alteration lady! A godsend to making jeans the perfect length, so she will do great altering it for you! Yeah cant wait for you to get to wear it!

Chrissy said...

I could almost hear your "aweee" moment through your words!! I'm sure you look great in it!!

Deanna said...

Glad you have a pretty dress for this very special occasion. Wonderful to have.

Have a great week-end and thank you for praying for me.

Appreciate our blogging friendship!!!

nancygrayce said...

Pretty! Can't wait to see a pic of you in the dress! I think it would be nice to go to something formal.....of course here in Florida that would mean jeans with heels and a blazer! We just hardly do formal! Too bad!

Oliva said...

Love the color! I cannot wait to see you wearing it! How exciting!!!

Char said...

So happy you found what you wanted. Someone once asked me if I believed in accidents. Well, this makes you wonder. Take care sweet friend, Char