Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!!

 She wanted to go in and visit with all the neighbors!

 her friend "jesse"
 Her friend Buzz Lightyear, she actually only dislikes Buzz of all the disney characters, so even though Mr. K is her good friend, she wouldn't move any closer!!This cute guy is the son of an NFL player on the COLTS!
I soon may be at a COLTS GAME!!!

 ducks in the pond!!
 Full size candy and Every imaginable one!!

So fun, and boy at age 2, she had the "trick or treat", down pat!!And luckily the Thank you too!!

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Corie said...

It was so fun! She just loved everything about it, well except the "scary" Halloween costumes. But, hey I don't like those ones either. She really had a BLAST and the neighborhood was just as fun as always!