Monday, December 27, 2010

All Hearts Come Home for Christmas---even if that heart comes home via the computer!!!

 Christmas Morning, as that door opened wide in she ran to see what was inside!!!
 A tricycle to ride at Mimi and dude-dude's house!!!And she is looking and  thinking, MORE Presents!!
 No, this is for baby Liam's room!!!!
 And a treasure chest full of things for the New Baby BOY!!
 SURPRISE BABY!!!The New Big TV will be delivered and set up for you!!!He was shocked!!!
 Here is the Heart is always Home for Christmas part, opening gifts via Skype!!!Aunt Stacie lives in Orlando. She wanted to show her Pluto!!!
 But we had to walk around the corner to see her expressions!!!But she loves being able to watch us open gifts, makes her feel like she is here at HOME!!IN spirit she always is. To bad Disneyworld cannot close on Christmas day!!
 She got a Minnie Mouse dress and Daddy is excited about this too!!
 Aunt Stacie got her an Ariel dress, Dude-dude loved helping her get a better look!!
 She gave him a big hug, nope it's from Aunt Stacie!!
 Every time a bell rings an Angel gets their wings!!taking time to jingle the bell!!
 Loving her Pluto and her Duffy the Bear, Disney's newest stuffed animal, Duffy travels all over the world with Mickey Mouse.
 A Veggie tales DVD and a cute Puppy from The Tavalire's (Jesse's parents) I think we will name her LUCY, the Tavalire's had a white dog who looked just like this.
 The 3 boys checking out their stuff!!
 Mimi gets a big Thank you kiss!!!
 A cute ballet outfit for Miss C
 Mommy gets a cute outfit to wear home from the hospital.
 Dad got a mug, he loves getting a new one each year, he also got a Soccer game for his Play-station, he got cologne from Stacie and some Masters Golf Balls (one of Stacie's employees played in the PGA along time ago and he still has some great connections) He also got some comfy lounge clothes(he will be needing those very soon for a very LONG flight)
 The cute family that is expanding very soon!!!
 The girls!!We soon will be outnumbered around here, so Stacie we need you back real soon so we are one up again!!!Even with Jesse it's now tied!!
 every year we play a scavenger hunt where they have 3 clues to find Money!!!Cj always has the hardest time!!
 Corie is a Pro at it!!
 Then we eat breakfast!!I always make the fun pancakes!!And Miss C loved her reindeer pancake!!!
Cj bought matching shirts for he and his Dad for Christmas, all CJ wanted for Christmas way back in August was tickets to the game!!!It was on Christmas Day!!!
Well Dad worked some magic and got GREAT tickets!!And for Free!!!Thank you Discount Tire co for making so many dreams come true!!!They were in the lower section sitting in row 16!!!They do not like to take pics or be in pics so neither took a camera!!!
I am trying to decide if I am going to blog my gifts, I do not want to seem boastful, but I do not want my  hubby  to think that I am not being Grateful , Because Believe me I am!!!!


Corie said...

Oh my gosh! What a fun day! Thank you SO much for my super cute "outfit" to come home in. It is rather fashionable too! :) Also thanks for my KEURIG (Santa new I wanted one so bad...I got 2!) and all my other gifts. You really not only spoiled Camdyn and Liam, but also everyone else! Also thanks SO much for all of Camdyn's gifts and Liams goodies! Our princess and lil pirate are definitely LOVED! And I say show what you got for Christmas, you got a ton of great things!:) You guys have had a blessed year...well a lot of them!

Corie said...

Oooh! Forgot to mention how much I LOVE the pics of Camdyn running in the house, Will so excited about her Minnie dress (he really loves his little girl), the pic of Camdyn hugging her "Dude-dude" and the one of her kissing you! She really had a great day and I still smile thinking of how excited she got over it all! The magic of Christmas really is something!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Jamie Sweetie...
What a beautiful share. I love seeing Ms "C" run in through your front door, she sure hopped on that trike and took a little look back and decided to come back for more. What a fun share with the kids.

I love the look on Camdyn's face sitting in the pirate ship for Liam. It is so cute and the look on Corie's face when she saw the treasure chest for Liam. Now that was worth every second of happiness.

Now I caught that you mentioned something about relaxation for the BIG guy, so I am assuming you got a trip for Christmas. Where are you going off to sweet friend? I can't wait and I want to know what you got for Christmas. Share with us sweet friend.

A beautiful Christmas was had by all. I loved seeing Stacie on your computer as she was there in heart as well. So cute sweetie.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful Christmas with us. I loved it all. You all look wonderful. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

Deanna said...

Dear Jamie, It is a delight to get a glimpse of your Christmas celebration!
Fun by all.

God bless you as 2011 is approaching very quickly. I stand amazed that it is the end of December and the year.

January here we come.

Char said...

I am a kid again just reading and looking at the pictures. I didn't want it to end!!! What fun you all had. I love seeing your family and hopefully one day we will all meet, Char

Chrissy said...

What a great Christmas you had! We LOVE Skype as well to share in all our family fun with our family in Colorado and Germany! A thought on showing your gifts...your blog is a journal for YOU and for YOU to share what your are happy and excited for...though mostly you share about your family, you deserve to share about your gifts, as the person who gave them to you LOVES and Cares for you so is NOT being boastful, it is being HAPPY and EXCITED to have someone in your life that cares so much for you! Happy NEW YEAR to you and your family!

Buttercup said...

Love all the pictures. What a sweet and wonderful day. I'm with Sherry. I especially liked Miss C in Liam's boat. How fun! I hope Corie enjoys her Keurig as much as we have at work. It took me awhile to really discover it, but I am so delighted with all the great coffee I can make and we all get our own choice of flavor. I should do commercials for them!
I'm doing okay with the snow. Thanks for your concern. It's luckily warming up and crossing the street has gotten much easier. Take good care of yourself and have a blessed week, and let us know where you are going!!

Krystal said...

I would love to see What you got. After all it is your blog and it is Christmas. Looks like You had a wonderful one. I'm so glad Stacie got to be apart of the fun even if it was by computer. I remember doing that with my family when I was away for big events. Thank heaven for computers. Miss c is so cute. It looks like She was spoiled with gifts,love,and fun! She is very blessed to have you as you are to have her. We just love you and your family. What a Merry Christmas it was. Now come on and show us what you got!

Krystal said...

By the way I love what you got baby Liam. His room is going to be adorable.