Thursday, December 30, 2010

Atlantis resort---A few from our family Cruise--Just to WARM Us UP!!!

 On our family fall cruise our 2nd stop was in Nassua, Bahamas!!!!
 Stamps for our passports!!!
 The lobby area and the Casino of The Atlantis resort is Amazing!!!!
 Cute Bahama Mama!!!and family!!

 Everyone came except grand-dude, he decided to stay on the ship for some much needed R & R!!!!At $125.00 per person to "play" in their pool, I don't blame him!!!
 Watching some of the people on the water slide that goes through the shark encounter!!!All of us did this except Corie and Camdyn, not allowed!!!It was SCARY and FUN!!!
One of  the many (not mini)  Sharks in the  Shark aquarium!!!
 Time to go play on one of the Kids water play areas!!!This place had over 10 water parks for kids!!!
 She needed a little encouragement at first.....

 Not long, she was doing the Big slides all by herself, well she met a few friends!!
 1 more time, for the 10th time!!!
 This rapids Lazy river was soooo Fun!!!!It was crazy!!!!!Glad Miss C got to ride on Daddy's lap!!!
 All wrapped up to go check out another aquarium!!!
 Love this angle looking up you can see the beautiful pink resort!!!
 Miss C got a mermaid doll from the Lost city of Atlantis gift shop!!
 Time for a snack and a few pics!!
 Then it started raining!!!
 So we played a little longer and headed over to town to Senor frogs!!
 The light house that greets you!!
 One of those ships is ours!!!!
good bye Paradise island and the Atlantis Resort!!!


Corie said...

Atlantis was amazing! I definitely want to go back and just stay at the resort. But, atleast I can take "going there" off my bucket list.:) And I would pay the 125.00 a person again, worth it. Even if I was prego and couldn't do much. Ha!:)

tandyk said...

Hey, I'm from Brandon, MS and looking for someone to tell me all about Atlantis. I have a 12 yr old and a 9 yr old I want to take so bad but I am not a traveler AT ALL so I need all the details I can get on how to get there (Flight or Cruise) and where to stay when I get there and how much stuff is and all that stuff...can you help me? LOL. My email is