Saturday, December 4, 2010

BUNCO!!!!Ugly Or cute SWEATER theme!!!

 I thought they were ALL very Cute!!!
 The reindeer Cupcakes I made!!--oops this is the pic I took before I attached their Milk Dud ears!!!
 Reindeer cookies too!!!
 After meeting at my house for a drink and a tour, we moved the BUNCO Party to Donna's House (she is a Sub and we needed her) MY hubby has alot of visitors coming by his work today, and he had to be at work VERY early, so it was so sweet of Donna to have the rest of the party at her Beautiful Home!!!I always tell her, your house looks like the Home --remember the Movie Miracle on 34th Street??Remember the catalog house at the end????Donna's home looks so much like that in the inside!!SO many beautiful things to look at from all her travel destinations!!
 her lovely tree!!!
 Miss Amy( can you believe she is a YA-YA (grandma in Greek) to 4???? She was a former JC Penney Catalog model!!!
 HIGH 5's!!
 Donna's large formal dining room!!!Big enough to do 2 groups of Bunco and the screaming at that end of the table never even bothered us!!!!
 Amy and Rebecca!!!
 We did an ornament exchange, lucky me, I drew #1, first pick and last pick!!!
 And this is Jean or YAYA #1(She really is Greek), she dropped her ornament, can you see it falling!!
 Jolene and her cute snowman!!
 Michelle got a Snow White!!!Ava will love this one!!
 Let's see do I want that one???
 I'll take yours!!
 Bark the Herald Angel's sing!!
 Donna gets to pick again!!!
 The girls fighting over the ornament being stolen from Jolene again, I think her pick was stolen at least 5 times!!!
Greatest ornament of all, a Large DICE!!!
THANKS girls for another FUN Night!!!
See you in January!!!


It's just me... Jennifer said...

I love the sweater theme!! very cute...Your bunco party's are always awesome, I look forward to all the different themes and all the yummies everyone makes...have a nice weekend! hugs, Jennnifer

Debra said...

What fun! You all look so pretty and your houses so festive and beautiful. Hope you are having a great holiday season Jamie. Blessings to you and your family.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Jamie,
Looks like a great time! Cute sweater theme too.
We are so frigid cold here right now, wish I was there!
Big Hugs,

Buttercup said...

The sweaters are adorable and so is your blog. How festive and fun, especially with the holiday music. Love the the cookies and cupcakes. You are so creative. Hugs!

zandra said...

Love the reindeer cupcakes! I just wanted to let you know that I have been looking around for the NJ magnet and can't find it in my area. I'm leaving for Disney and can get it at the airport, but it is pricey? $5-6.00? Let me know if you still want it and if that price is ok? Hugz, Z

nancygrayce said...

The cupcakes are adorable! I love all the ornments and what fun!!!!!