Sunday, December 12, 2010

Celebrating the MAGIC of Disney and NO better time then at Christmas time!!!

 It is a Good thing we had bought airline tickets to go to disneyland, as the Dr. said NO long car rides or flights, but a 1 hour flight is OK!!!She is SOOOO EXCITED to go!!!
 Watching The Elf on the way there!!
 Up and ready to go!!!
 Love that new  Coat!!!I would wear that!!!
 This place is Always Magical but at Christmas it is EVEN better!!!!
 The Main Street tree is probably 100 feet tall!!

 We always get a map and an entertainment schedule, and Miss C is definitely  related to her Uncle Cj, he LOVED maps and always wanted a NEW ATLAS every year, my MOM was a AAA member and she could get him maps all the time!!!I see her following in his footsteps!!!She read that map all day!!!!
 Her must see fav's, The Castle--ok-check
 The carousel--ok--check!!!
 The train!!!
 And the faster the better!!!
 The doll ride!!It's a small world is always decked out for Christmas!!!

 The Naughty and Nice List,  I read the names on it and I was surprised to see some I recognized!!!!Just kidding, well maybe they were on the NICE list!!!!
 She stood the entire ride!!!
 Off to meet some cute characters and Good Ole Santa!!!
 Must see his reindeers!!!

 WOODY, oh she loves him!!!
 And Jesse!!!
 time to go visit the dwarfs!!!!what a cute little house!!
 Time for lunch!!!
 Look at those yummy desserts!!!
 we settled on Mickey shaped beignets!!!made by Tiana!!!

 So excited for ALL of it!!
 Waving at all the characters!!
 A hug from a reindeer!!1
 Hi to Goofy!!!
 Meeting Mickey!!
 This is Wheel life fun!!!!!
 California Mickey dressed for the Season as well!!
 those are some big ornaments!!
 Bug bumper cars!!
 Spinning lady bugs!!
 The Mickey Wheel, had to ride that, what a view!!!
 The decorations are AMAZING!!!
 That big tree all lit up!!
 The Castle at Night!!!
 An encore ride on the carousel!!!She loves looking up and watching it go round and round!
 Time for fireworks!!!
 And SNOW!!
Just brings tears to MY EYES all over again!!!
love this yearly tradition of Disney at Christmas time!!!


It's just me... Jennifer said...

I saw a show about christmas at Disney world! I loved I get to see it through your eye's too! it looks like so much fun!! and miss C is adorable. Corie looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing your trip! hugs, Jennifer

Julie said...

I loved going to Disneyland at Christmas time. When we lived in Corona, we had year round school and were off for the month of December. My grandma would take us every year. It is so much more magical at Christmas time. I love that main street tree, it's gorgeous!

Corie said...

Oh I am so glad we were able to go and considering this was Camdyn's 4th time this year is proof that it will never get old! It was "such a magical" time as Camdyn would say!:) Always a great time with my favorite girls! Love ya! xo

Deanna said...

I want to go back through your pics and see everything all over again. What a great celebration you had at magical Disney!

So many neat things you saw and did.