Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry and Bright!!!!A horse drawn Carriage ride!!!

 Since I was out to dinner with friends, Dude-dude and Camdyn and Mommy had a dinner date!!!They went to brio for some delicious Italian food.
 I got there in time for dessert!!!!Cupcakes at the NEW Bakery!!!

 The San Tan Village Mall so festive and fun!!!!
 Here comes CANDY the Horse!!we knew we would LOVE her!!!
 So excited!!!

 Here we go!!

The driver gives you some Holiday trivia, our question was "what is the Horse's name in Jingle Bells song"????The answer is ...........

Every night it is fun Holiday outings!!!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh this surely put you in a Christmas state of mind.

Be merry and bright!

Deanna said...

BOB! grins......I didn't know this.

Hi Jamie, A carriage ride would be delightful.

Hope your daughter is feeling well. Praying for her and baby.

Merry Christmas,

Corie said...

It is so nice having such fun and festive things to do this time of year! LOVE San Tan Mall this time of year!

Julie said...

"bells on BOB's Tail ring..."

The entire song makes so much more sense now!!

Buttercup said...

Your pictures are such a holiday treat! Miss C is getting to be such a big girl. I like the feedgit, but have seen a couple of other place indicators I'm thinking about. Thanks so much for your visits! Wish there weren't so many miles between.