Thursday, December 9, 2010

A new BABY for our Friends!!!Welcome TITAN JETT!!!

 Look at that adorable face!!!And ALL that hair!!love that faux hawk!!!
 Mommy and baby are doing great, she is just so tired!!
 Nana is a Pro!!!!
 I love my baby brother!!

 Big Brother and big Sister!!
 My "bestest friend"
 Saying bye to Mommy   :>(
Ok, this pic is to show someone my crocheted pin....can you make me more????


Krystal said...

OK u got the best pictures. Is it all you or does that new camera help? Yes you can post those one's on Facebook...tag us to them. Thanks so much 4 coming. Also Thanks for the cute gift. U guys r the best. Thanks four coming all this way to see us.

Deanna said...

Sweet sweet baby!
That's a handsome name.

Have a blessed week-end,