Thursday, December 16, 2010


 Welcome Partner!!!
 Those Hay ride bales of HAY are going to Come in Real handy!!!
 And the farm will be all ready for the party!!

 bells and ribbon on each chair
 only thing missing is some cute red boots!!!
 WANTED!!!! MY HUBBY!!!!!!This stage coach cookie jar was a gift I gave to my Grandfather,  when he passed away several years ago, I got it back and it was filled with a few treasures of his,a red heart ornament, about 1.50 in coins and a few rocks, those are all still in there and will remain forever.
 my table centerpiece, a little tree all decorated for the occasion.

 Camdyn's PINK tree!!!
 I LOVE this wreath on the inside of my door!!!
 My new sleigh

 This home truly BELIEVES!!!

 tree filled with ornaments collected from places we have visited.
 my patriotic tree
 fun ornaments for my kids, babies first, etc!!!

my miniature tree, so 7 trees in all, most are small though!!!


It's just me... Jennifer said...

OMGOSH!!! I love it all...Your as bad as I am when it comes to decorating MANY trees...LOL! isn't it fun to decorate, I always enjoy it. I hope next year I can bring out everything again. I love all your theme's...I'm always surprised at what we will see next...:o)

Corie said...

You really know how to do it up for the holidays and I can NOT wait for your party. It will be amazing as usual!:)

Julie said...

I am in love with your HO HO HO Down theme!!! So creative!!! Your house looks very festive and inviting. You are definitely ready for SANTA!!