Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just wondering and Wishing

ROE Versus WADE was passed into LAW on 1-22-1973, the GREATEST gift I could ever get in MY lifetime would be for this to be overturned!!!!
There are NO mistakes, no unwanted BABIES in MY BOOK, someone would LOVE them and take them and raise them with All the LOVE that you could Not provide. So I ask Why???And I wonder HOW???When I look at this picture, I cannot imagine the answer.
with that said, this PRECIOUS GIFT came HOME today!!!
The BEST Birthday Present I could EVER imagine or ever want.
he is perfect and Mommy and baby Son are both happy and healthy, and given the circumstances of this pregnancy I MUST give ALL PRAISE and GLORY to GOD.

 getting ready to come home!!!!Pirate mickey and Princess minnie, gifts to Camdyn and Liam!!!
 He is Perfect!!!!!
 Best day ever!!!!I can not keep from smiling, with out much sleep this week, I still keep smiling!!!
 the family is now complete!!!
 Big sister could NOT wait to get to the Tower as she calls the hospital!!!She ran right up and jumped in Mommy's arms and hugged that baby so much!!!
 going home
 so sweet, ready for his first car ride!!!
 big sis looking on!!
 we stopped for a quick Birthday lunch, Miss C knows where alot of businesses are and knows there names, this place even in the dark, she knows where we are, so last night she wanted to stop at the cupcake place, I said how about we go there tomorrow(actually today) and get lunch and a CUPCAKE!!!!so we did!!
 so glad Cj and Jesse met us there too!!!
 yummy cupcakes!!!!

 cheers to all!!!
Then home to unpack, take naps and dinner was BBQ take out at Dude-dude's and Mimi's house!!!
such a fabulous day, I mean week!!!
I will post more pics of Liam's birthday tomorrow, I am far to tired to think any more!!!


cilla said...

So precious,
so happy for your family,stop by sometime.sending hugs too you.Cilla

Debra said...

How beautiful! I agree with you very much about the Roe v Wade.

Congratulations Jamie!What a beautiful baby! And did you say it was your birthday too? If so Happy birthday too!

linda said...

Ok, could your daughter and her adorable family be more beautiful! I think not!

Welcome to the world Liam! Welcome to your wonderful family. You are one lucky little boy!

Congrats to all!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

He is so beautiful Jamie!
And you were right, look at all the hair on that baby boy!
He is just adorable!
And did Grandma get a new hair style? I LOVE IT!
You look adorable in that pic with Miss C !
Beautiful family and your daughter leaving that hospital looking that good after having a baby. Oh my, I won't show my daughter or she will be so jealous! hehe.
I love the name too~
How big was he? He looks nice size.
Big Hugs and Big Congrats!
So happy for everyone!

just call me jo said...

You certainly have had a busy week. How do you do it all? Your new grandbaby is beautiful. Such a blessing for everyone. Your daughter looks amazing, too. Nothing better than a new life starting. So exciting. A miracle in fact.

Grams said...

He's just beautiful. ENJOY!

Oliva said...

Congratulations Grandma! He's precious! You're blessed!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Jamie Sweetie...
Oh Congrats all around to the new bouncing baby boy, Liam. He is SO precious and I am so tickled that everyone is happy, healthy and home to begin the settling in process.

Love that photo of Ms "C" giving that brother a big kiss. Can't wait to see him in his pirate room. I know he is going to love it there.

Please give my love to the new family of "4". A beautiful share sweet one and I can't wait to see the birthday photos of love.

Many hugs to you all. Love, Sherry

Corie said...

What a blessing babies are! My life is overfilled with so much love having both Camdyn and Liam. I am ever so thankful for it all! Thanks for helping with Camdyn and I am so glad we were able to do some fun things for your bday! LOVE you!

nancygrayce said...

How precious! I'm so happy for you! Princess C hugging her baby brother is so great! She looks so thrilled!!!!!

Take a nap and can't wait to see more pictures!

nancygrayce said...

P.S. Forgot this in the excitement of seeing the baby. Totally agree with you on the no mistake babies are ever born! On this Sanctity of Life Sunday, I am reminded that He knit us together in our mother's wombs!

Julie said...

So glad everyone is home and doing well! What a wonderful birthday! Who made Liam's pirate carseat cover and blanket/cover? It's adorable!!

Deanna said...

Dear Jamie, Thank God baby is here and your daughter doing well!
Enjoyed your sharing pictures with us.

Beautiful family,

Jule's Spot said...

Jamie, he is beautiful and perfect! Couldn't be happier for all of you! So thrilled all went well with Corie and she had a safe delivery! Lots of prayers going up for her! Hope you know how much you are all loved!