Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Stacie!!!

Being twenty nine is QUITE DIVINE!!!!
You are fabulous my sweet child of mine!!!
Ok, I will share you our child!!!!
Love you lots,
mom and dad


just call me jo said...

Twenty-nine is also VERY YOUNG in the scheme of things. Enjoy it while you can, Stacie. ;o)

Deanna said...

29 seems so long ago for me!
Wow 29!!!!
Jamie, Hope Stacie has a wonderful Birthday and many many more.

Blowing out 29 candles is a breeze for thee...30 isn't far away...grins.

Just think Jamie, 29 years ago you were blessed with her as a baby! She's all grown up now.

God bless,

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Stacie!!! gosh how I'd love to be 29 again! Have a great day!

Corie said...

LOVE her. She is the BEST sister God could have given me. All the more the reason I would LOVE to give my daughter a sis!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Stacie!

linda said...

29...I remember it well! Happy Happy Birthday to your precious Stacie!

Jule's Spot said...

Happy Birthday to Stacie!!!!!