Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dude-Dude goes to CRUMBS--not once but twice!!!!

 Our favorite Cup-Cake bakery in Calabasas, Calif. And this time Grand-dude got to go and have a delicious Cup-cake!!!The funniest part about this trip was our GPS when it said the City Calabasas, well you know how those things really annunciate words, when it said the name it really liked the ending part!!!!
 I want that one!!

 YUMMY, Reese's chocolate and snickers, we were in a chocolate mood!!!

 Grand-dude and his little Darling checking out the Koi fish and the Turtles. IT WAS COLD!!!

 Back for Round 2!!!The next day!!!
 Then we headed to the Westfield Promenade Mall. And Miss C really wanted to ride the double decker Carousel!!It was so beautiful!!

Of all the Animals to choose she picked a HORSE!!!


Char said...

All the animals and she rides a horse, that is too cute. Looks like you all had a wonderful trip. You are a beautiful family, Char

Corie said...

CRUMBS is my ALL time favorite cupcake shop. I so wish they hurry and build one here. We will have to visit the one in NYC when we get there sometime too! Too bad they didn't have my ELVIS cupcake while there, peanut butter and banana...yum!