Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter AND He HAS RISEN!!!

 Easter  is a Celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. For to us HE HAS RISEN and is alive today.
What a joyous day it is every year. For us, the family went to Church to Worship and Praise this special day. 

 Asking a random person to take the family picture is always a surprise, most of the time it turns out pretty good other times, like this.....Not everyone is looking or in perfect focus.
 Or someone gets CUT out!!!Sorry C.J.

 We chose this place for lunch....NO BIG Family gathering this year....we were not sure where we were going to be on Easter Sunday. SO it was just our immediate family minus Stacie. We always miss her on Every Holiday. But so Glad our Son-in-law got to HAVE THE DAY OFF( a first in almost 9 years) and that he made it home in time!!!This restaurant and the entire strip of stores in this complex all are white and remind me of What Greece would look like!!
 Such a cute waiting area!!!

 She grabs her brother's basket?????NO way!!!

 Jesse loved her new apron!!!!
 Miss C loved her Minnie P.J.'s!!!
 And Money!!
 showing her baby brother his new toys!!

 time to hunt eggs!!!

What an absolutely beautiful day it was today!!!I was worried being this late in the year it might be Very Hot, but 85 and perfect, cool breeze blowing and all!!!
Happy Easter everyone!!


Grams said...

Jamie,Yeu are truly blessed! Kathy

just call me jo said...

You always have such festive occasions. You all look so happy. (Be easy on the person who took your out-of-focus and misframed pictures. I feel their pain.) And to your question on my blog about our pool being heated. No. We have a solar/heater blanket--the blue with bubbles kind. The water was in the low 80's and quite comfortable even for me. The boys are sissy la la's. The bigger one especially. He doesn't like it cold. (Not major tough kids these.)

Deanna said...

Hi Jamie!
Sweet Easter pics of your family and activities.
That is wonderful that your son-i-l had time with you. All look so nice! What a sweet first Easter for Liam. He's a sweetie.

Your weather was a glorious 85 degrees!!! 85!!!
Lemonade time.
We were chillin' at 60. It was a bit breezy. Needed sweaters.

I didn't go to Church this Easter...have a rotten cough that meds aren't quieting like needed. We worshipped at home.

I am going to have to learn how to be quicker on downloading pics....another great lesson in blogland for ole deanna that i need to master. My brain will like this.

Jesus is risen indeed! What a blessed day to remember our Lord.

God bless,

Julie said...

Happy Easter Jamie. Looks like you guys had a wonderful day. It was gorgeous outside. Ryleigh has the bathing suit that matches Miss C's new PJs. Such a cute vintage Minnie print.

Corie said...

We had a BLESSED Easter indeed. So thankful that he has died for our sins and now lives!!!

Easter was such a nice quiet time this year. So glad that Will came home and was able to spend it with all of us. He is SO happy that his new position allows him holidays off! Yeah hoo! Camdyn was so cute getting all the eggs and SO excited over all the cute things she got from the Easter Bunny. And little dude, Liam will atleast see in his photobook how much fun we all had!!!:)

Jennifer said...

I loved the pictures at the church LOL! the music you have playing went perfect with the way the person was taking the pictures!...and the one where chuck is looking side ways and CJ was missing from the picture. OH MY Goodness! I love the one where Miss C was going to take a look see at her brothers basket, she's just adorable... I also like the one with her and Baby L so darn sweet! It looks like you all had a wonderful Easter! Have a super week! Hugs,Jennifer

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Looks and sounds like you had an amazing day Jamie!
I always love the family pics and that baby just keeps getting cuter and cuter!
Hugs girlfriend,
Addison wore that pink dress you lent us! It looked adorable on her and fit perfectly!

Krystal said...

Happy Easter! What a blessing our Savior Jesus Christ is to all of us.
You all look so cute and colorful! I love it! Looks like a peaceful perfect Easter sunday. Makes for a nice day.
I just loved the egg hunt. Thanks for getting those pictures of KJ. I still can't believe how fast it was over! So much fun for the kids.
By the way that picture of Corie and Will together is adorable! That needs to be on the wall.

Jule's Spot said...

I am so jealous of your sunny day! Looks like you had a lot of fun! We did too, but would have been so nice to have seen the sunshine!
Love ya

Liz said...

What a great day. The weather was awesome! (a little windy) but great none the less!

I think that it is hard to get a good group picture anyway! Let alone trusting a stranger. LOL!

Happy Easter!!


Happy Homemaker UK said...

Looks like a wonderful day with family. I love Easter :) XOL

Karen said...

Hi Jamie.
You had a great day! I can't wait to have a grandbaby! Of course a wedding might be nice first!! Someday! At least there is a prospect on the horizon now. FINALLY!
Love all your pictures. Everyone looks so happy - especially Little Miss who won the special bunny. Those were the days.
Have a wonderful week! Karen

Rettabug said...

Awwww, what a wonderful Easter you guys had! You look beautiful in your yellow, matching Ms. C. And look how big her brother is getting...what a doll!

I'm still putting away the dishes from our feast. :/ Whew! Lots of work & its all eaten in about 15 mins. LOL