Sunday, April 3, 2011

Programmed to PLAY!!!!

 I have decided that should be MY SLOGAN!!!!I love to Play!!!I had an early morning photo shoot with a cute little 4 month old and her Mommy and Daddy. Then had a date with my Play Pals at our local Mall.MISS KITTY was there!!My darling little Grand even had her Miss Kitty Purse and wallet on hand!!
 It was time to buy a New double stroller, so the kiddos had fun  in their new ride!!!
 We met up with Nancy(by the way, did anyone catch her Sonoran Living episode) to give her some party decorations she is borrowing from us and she is helping us Out on some fun decorations for a cute soon to be 3 year old!!!
 HOP movie!!It was so cute and such a fun Easter movie.
 Cupcake time!!
 And a train ride with Mimi!!

 And then she wanted her picture taken by ALL the Disney Stores window displays!!
Today, Church, lunch and now HOME to organize my TAX stuff to drop off at the Accountant's tomorrow!!This is the latest I have ever done this!!Time for WORK!!!!!!!


ImagiMeri said...

Hey Jamie,

Beautiful piccy's missy. We sure are gonna' miss you this Saturday at the luncheon. I just can't believe how busy you always are and how much you get around. You and Julie Tucker Wolek both make my head spin!!!! Baby grandson is lookin' quite handsome, and how cool to get a double stroller so the siblings can hang out together. Have a wonderful week.


just call me jo said...

You are a busy soul. I could never keep up with you. The grandbabies are so lucky you are their Mimi. You get on those taxes, lady. Tsk! Tsk! (not really) You've been busy, after all. Taxes?? Psh!

Corie said...

All work and no play will make you a very dull girl. Isn't that from that crazy 'The Shining' movie?! Well, I think life should be 90%fun, 10% work. :) What a day we had once again! Camdyn just LOVES Hello Kitty....must be because her Auntie Jesse loves her so much!? The movie, cupcake, and train ride was also so fun! And meeting with one of my favorite party planners to swap stuff?! Even better!:) Thx for spending another fun day with us! Now for me and my "work"...I am off to pack for Cali!:)

Grams said...

Jamie, That granddaughter of yours gets cuter every day and I swear her hair has been growing by the minute. Papa took Ella & one of her friends to see"EB" too, bad reviews from the critics but they loved it. Kathy

Deanna said...

mimi jamie,
you're the best!!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I can't wait to see the HOP movie! Not sure when it will happen~ busy busy!

The kiddos are adorable!

Jennifer said...

I love the picture in your header! Such a sweet family! We took our taxes in a bit late this year too,come to think of it I should call him this afternoon and see when they will be ready. I hope you had a wonderful week, gosh you all have so much fun! those cupcakes looked so yummy too! :o)

Stella said...

Love the header. Looks so springy. Cute kids too!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I miss a few weeks of your blog posts and Miss C looks like she's all grown up! They change so quickly when they are that age!