Thursday, April 21, 2011

What a great time we are having!!!

 Our daughter and the 2 grands have been staying with us 3 or 4 nights a week while her hubby finishes up his job training in California. And boy have we had some fun during these stay overs!!!!They only live about 3/4 of a mile away so it really isn't like we don't see them all the time, but there is something so special about getting the kids  bathed, reading bedtime stories and kissing them good night and then the BEST part, morning cuddles that last for 15 to 30 minutes!!!!!!
We took them to visit the Easter bunny and I think Miss C thought,"he is a rather big bunny!!!"

 Our "MANE MAN"!!!!So happy and smiling all the time!!
 Sidewalk chalk time!!!This is her new passion, after a playdate at one of my neighbors house, Michelle is a former teacher so she had all the forbidden stuff.....Sidewalk chalk (Grand-dude hates this) and Playdough(mimi hates this). But as you get older you say "OH who cares about a little mess or two!!"

 Even Mommy enjoyed this!!!!And what an artist she is!!
 Smiling again!!!
 And he has begun to laugh!!!
 Time for some hugs and kisses from Mimi, I have to give him his daily intake of hugs and kisses, I tell both of them, I need 1,000 per day!!!!
 And Dance Class!!!I LOVE LOVE LOVE going and watching!!!

 And boy does she LOVE to dance!!!!

 SO stinkin cute!!!!

 The best part, late night shopping!!Grand-dude is away  as well for an over night  Meeting and so we thought, NO men at home, let's go run some errands and get dinner!!We have 2 BIG PARTIES coming up, so it seems like we are always running  trying to get everything accomplished!!!
 CPK...our new Favorite place to go!!!!!!!
If you have not had their Salads, you are missing something!!So good and so addictive!!!!


just call me jo said...

I can see that the daughter and kids are as social as you are. Again, I'm exhausted just listening to your itinerarie. That grandson is getting so big. Cute little dancer miss C.

Anonymous said...

Those kiddos are just precious!!!! So sweet! :)

Corie said...

LOVE our time spent with you! And yes, we have a very busy and VERY fun life! LOVE my main man and his giggles and smiles and my tiny dancer makes my heart skip a beat. LOVE that she loves dancing just like I did!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I love slumber parties! And you are making it look so fun. We love CPK here too.

Chrissy said...

IKEA and CPK are two of my faves! We always eat at CPK when we are near Desert Ridge and IKEA...I could spend hours there! So fun having sleep overs! I laughed when I read the "former teacher...has all the forbidden stuff"...I am pretty sure thats what all the mom's in our play group think of me when they come to my house. Bubbles spill on the ground, chalk gets all over their clothes...I LOVE to entertain the little ones with "messes"! I pray the days you spend with your grand-kids are ALWAYS the best!!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

HI Jamie,
Such cute pics! That little guy is growing like a weed,and what a cute smile he has!
And the pics of Miss C dancing are simply adorable! She has such a natural rhythm! I can see it for sure. My daughter skated for 12 years and I could see her ability quite young.
Sounds like your all having a good time and Happy Easter to you all!
Big Hugs,