Sunday, May 29, 2011

MATT MASON, CMT next Superstar!!!!

 Saturday  we went over to Toby Keith's I love this Bar to hear Matt Mason sing. He is the cousin of one of our good friend's. He is in town visiting family. If you could VOTE for Matt to win CMT's next Superstar he would sure appreciate this. He is also from my home state Indiana!!!!

 My son-in-law has a new friend!!!Will makes friends every where he goes, and I know he will spread the word to Vote for Matt.
 This group of friends has been friends since they were born!!!There Mommy's are my best of friends!!Since my youth group days in church growing up. So these gals were nursery buddies, shopping buddies(we tortured them with hours of antique shopping) and Church party planning(now these girls are great party planners--they sat at our feet for hours as we planned many church ladies luncheons) So it is so fun to get together with them and talk about old times!!!
 the kids hoad so much fun dancing and running around the dance floor!!!the little one in the pink skirt is Matt's daughter. Miss C kept calling her Ashley, she names all new friends Ashley...I think because we meet so many Ashley's, she assumes they are!!!After we left, she kept asking for Ashley!!

i wish we lived closer to these gals, so the kiddos could see each other more often!!
thanks for inviting us to such a fun event!!!!

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Corie said...

It was very fun indeed! It was great talking to Kallie and Brittany and swapping good party stories! And I am no country music buff, but he is really good!

And I LOVE the pic of us 3 girls with Liam and he is sucking away on his finger. Doesn't he know his mommy is a hygienist?!:)