Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pony's name is Bliss!!

 All Miss C wanted to do on HER Birthday is ride a pony!!!!Lucky for her, she got to do far more then just ride the pony!!!She became fast friends with this Cute white pony named Bliss!!!!
 Ready to go Meet that Pony!!!
 Boots--Check---Hat--Check --ready to ride, you bet!!

 Mimi wore her boots too!!
 She got to brush her....

 And this Smile never left her face!!!

 A big Thank you hug after her ride!!
 rewarding her with a few carrots!!
 Meeting some of the other ponies and horses!!!
but her fave will always be Bliss, one more hug before we had to leave!!!!


Corie said...

Oh how she loves horses!! It's a good thing that there are plenty of horses where we live! She LOVES that her sticker chart for good behavior goes toward pony rides. Man, Will and I better start saving....she may just want her very own pony soon! :) LOVE all the photos you captured of her, BLISS was not only the pony's name....but how she felt! Complete BLISS with her new friend!!:)

Anonymous said...

LOVE that last pic of her hugging Bliss! I could definitely tell she enjoyed herself! So cute!!! :)

Julie said...

That is so precious! By the look on her face, I think she'll definitely be asking for a pony for her next birthday!

Sandy said...

This last photo just gave me such a start, I know exactly how she felt because I love horses too, from a very young age and I can remember that feeling....having to leave them and loving them so! She is so cute and that pony was really pretty...they made a great pair! :) Sandy